Terminal cancer inspired her to found a foster home for patients with the disease

Learning about a cancer diagnosis at an advanced stage is painful from any point of view that you try to assimilate, but at the same time, it could serve as a unique inspiration to help other citizens who suffer from the disease.

This was the case of the Dominican Fary De Leon, who after being diagnosed with cancer terminal promised God to help and assist patients afflicted with the disease if she survived and was cured.

In 2010, when she discovered breast cancer, her doctors predicted that she only had three months left to a year of life, due to the progress of the catastrophic disease.

With a sad and at the same time hopeful voice, De León told LISTIN DIARIO that he has lived in the United States for more than 40 years and that was where they discovered a deadly cancer that has served him to be a beam of light before the darkness of other patients through the creation of a Shelter House.

Trying to remember how he had the strength to survive the disease, he affirmed that the main motivation he had to carry out the project was then the short time of life that his specialists notified them.

“That was the promise I made to God: if I healed myself I was going to live for this and for this I live”, he said, referring to helping the most vulnerable cancer patients in the national territory by providing a stay in the “Faces Shelter House” in Santo Domingo, in the Cacique 4 sector and another recently enabled in Santiago.

So far the house located in the capital has capacity for 15 patients who suffer from cancer and have to go to the doctor daily for chemotherapy, radiation or have to have surgery.

“Those patients who are weak and cannot return to their town, that is, distant provinces we take them in until they finish their treatment or recover. We provide a home away from home for the patient,” she said.


He explained that the only requirement to be able to settle in the Faces Shelter is to be a cancer patient (male or female) referred by the oncology center that treats him and that he has difficulty moving to the hospital. The patient is received with a companion that must be taken care of by the incarcerated person.

“We offer you decent lodging, a balanced diet no fats or artificial products, emotional and spiritual support, wigs, bandages and scarves. We are a support during your treatment”, she highlighted with great satisfaction.

Call to the State

Fary decided to go to this medium to publicize more about the work carried out by her team because she felt distressed after the director of the National Cancer Institute, José Ramírez, stated that the country should create shelters or care homes. palliative care for cancer patients, despite the fact that this already exists since last year.

According to a report published by LISTIN DIARIO, the Rosa Emilia Sánchez Pérez de Tavares National Cancer Institute has to suspend each week between 15 and 20 surgeries because they do not have sufficient capacity to admit patients after the postoperative period.

“We decided to knock on doors so that they know that we exist and that what what we need are more resources and support to continue multiplying the services we provide. We are a guide in the Dominican Republic. We do exist, but we do not receive a subsidy from the State or from any private company, until now, ”said its founder with evident pride in the work she does.

With the firm aspiration to continue contributing and helping the most vulnerable citizens who suffer from cancer, Fary made a called to the Dominican State to help the cause.

Currently the shelters are financed with own resources product of a pension received from the United States government.

“We understand that the need is great, it is great and there are times when we have had to reject patients because we are at full capacity. It’s sad that a person have to return, for example, to Barahona or Samaná, because they don’t have a place to stay and we can’t receive them because there is no space,” she said disappointed.

He also highlighted that they have another foster home in Santiago to assist patients in the Cibao region. This has a capacity of more than 15 beds in about seven enabled rooms.

house areas

There are different common areas with table games for patients to distract themselves and dissipate their thoughts of the distressing situation they are going through.

“We have done this with love and that love is reflected throughout the house,” she commented with inspiration.


Helping so many Dominicans from different parts of the country from the heart has significantly marked the experience of the founders.

Ángela Luna, director of the Shelter, said that one of the experiences that has marked her the most was that of a young woman who arrived at the shelter deteriorated by illness and little by little she was getting better until she was sent home and time later They found out that he died.

“When she finished her treatment she left and we found out that she died, for us that was very painful because she left the house happy and recovered”, she said sadly remembering the moment.

In turn, De León recalled that some of the moments that have filled her with nostalgia are when patients finish their treatment and they do not want to leave the place because they say they have never felt so peaceful in such difficult times.

activities in support

Fary de León, founder of the Shelters and the Dominican Faces Foundation that has been operating since 2011, highlighted that annually in New York, the foundation organizes the “Latin Walk Against Cancer”, with the support of health institutions, hospitals , universities and recognized brands of USA.

To raise funds, they also perform karaokes, plays and other particular activities of entertainment or social interest.

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