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Tenants Opening Up: Discovering Goals and Dreams in the Living Room

Gathered in the living room, the Tenants, led by Sara, test themselves with a game that will help them open up and get to know each other better.

The actress starts with a simple and complicated question at the same time: what is their goal, their need?

Opening the dance is Fiordaliso, who is certain in her answer: “Singing and being a mother” she says without hesitation. There’s really nothing else in her life.

We move on to Rosy who reiterates her generosity. Her need is to make others feel good and cooking is one of her favorite ways to bring well-being. However, the experience in her house changed her priorities and she decided to think about herself a little too.

Marco has always put sport first, but he does not see it as a competition against others, but rather as a challenge against himself.

Giuseppe finds pleasure in work, he does two jobs that he loves and keeping busy makes him happy. For the moment he doesn’t want to think about the future, but to enjoy the moment and the experience in the House.

The conversation continues with Pearl, who has had to change her life goals. She moved from sport to entrepreneurship, and today she hopes to be able to create her own line of clothes. “The Pearl you see today is not the same as it was five months ago,” she says of short-term challenges. Her intention is, therefore, to mature.

Letizia hopes to one day work in the art world so she can spread her message of lightness around the world, while Massimiliano has always dreamed of being free. “Being what I feel I am” he sums it up.

Mirko, like Rosy, would also like to put himself first again so he can feel good about himself. His long-term dream, however, is to have a happy family.

Similar to him is Paolo, who would like to live a peaceful life without economic problems.

Still a little confused, Vittorio was unable to find a real target. He is looking for it because he considers it fundamental but at the moment his desire is to never stop dreaming.

Alex is more concise: his will is to love his wife and children forever and keep the fire that drives him to train alive.

Like Vittorio, Beatrice has always felt torn between rationality and love for art. She never got over it. The only common thread that she recognized was a strong spirituality.

Sara closes the circle, hoping to open a center for women in difficulty.

Once the tour is over, the Tenants move on to other exercises so they can get to know each other better and understand each other a little more.

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