Telegram raid after plans to kill: Who are the suspects?

Jürgen S. also shows a photo taken by the Kulturbüro Sachsen in 2020 at the annual so-called “funeral march” in Dresden laying a wreath together with an AfD city council. With the so-called funeral march, right-wing extremists have been instrumentalizing the Allied bombing raid on Dresden during World War II for years. S. was also active with Pegida, like the Sächsische Zeitung reported.

In the past few months he has also been involved in protests by Dresden’s “lateral thinkers”. A video shows how counter-demonstrators attempted to block a Dresden coach on the way to Leipzig on November 21, 2020 the video of how S. got out and hit a counter-demonstrator several times.

Participation in Pegida

Another alleged member of the Telegram chat group is Sebastian Pierre A. He regularly took part in Pegida elevators, he can be seen in a video for the ARD magazine Report Mainz. The Saxon Newspaper reported in September 2018 also about a trial against the now 45-year-old. In 2017 A. is said to have insulted a Muslim woman. He had also smeared a mosque.

And when the AfD laid a wreath in February 2020 at the Dresden Heidefriedhof, not only Jürgen S. ran along, but also Sebastian Pierre A. In November of this year, A. also appeared as a speaker at the Dresden “lateral thinking” protests, such as on is documented in an image.

No arrest warrants so far

On Wednesday, the police took action against members of the “Dresden offline network” telegram group. Objects of six suspects in Dresden and Heidenau were searched by police officers. The spokeswoman for the Saxon Public Prosecutor’s Office in Dresden, Sabine Wylegalla, confirms to the MDR that it is investigating the preparation of a serious, state-endangering act of violence and, in this context, the procurement of weapons. However, there are still no grounds for arrest warrants against the accused.

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Wylegalla said it would show to what extent the investigation would lead to further crimes. The Federal Prosecutor General is regularly informed of the status of the investigation so that he can also take the proceedings if necessary.

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