TCL Reveals Phone That Will Never Be Released

TCL, has been in the foldable phone business for a while. The sudden rise of this area had activated the company. Today, however, the company talked about Chicago, a clamshell smartphone it plans to launch. This phone that will never come out if it did Galaxy Z Flip It would be a great competitor to the series.

The company that made a statement on the subject; “We could have finished this product and brought it to market, but somehow it just wasn’t right. This category is really important to us. We will bring a number of products in this area.” made a statement. The company, which signals that it will not enter the foldable phone business for now, also shared the images of the prototype it produced in this process.

According to the information conveyed by the company, the foldable phone Chicago has an aspect ratio of 20: 9 6.67 inch It would have a large screen. In this prototype, the company used a plastic screen instead of ultra-thin glass (UTG) as Samsung did.

Chicago also 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and 3.545 mAh as in Moto Razr 5G with battery Snapdragon 765G would come with In Chicago, according to CNET 48 MP primary camera, 16 MP ultra wide and 44 MP It has a front facing sensor. MrMobile notes that the prototype’s software was so underdeveloped that most camera features would not work.

TCL had aimed to market Chicago at around $800, much cheaper than the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3. This phone, which is expected to be introduced at the end of 2021 but canceled, if it were released 800 dollar It was sold at a scramble price. It takes a lot of heart to be able to go down to the $800 band on a foldable phone. TCL’s move would be pretty tempting, as its competitors are selling foldable phones at $1,500 for almost double the price.

However, it seems that things did not go well. That’s why TCL’s foldable phone 12 ay 18 ay then you will only begin to see it.


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