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Taylor Swift’s Era Tour: A Global Sensation and Box Office Breaker

Taylor Swift’s Era Tour at Mile High’s Empower Field on July 14, 2023 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo source: Tom Cooper/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management) Mirror websites are prohibited from being viewed on Chinese websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website.

[Watch China News, October 8](Watch a comprehensive report compiled by Chinese reporter Cheng Fan) The 33-year-old American diva singer Taylor Swift (also known as Taylor Swift and Swift)’s 2023 Era Tour has become a global hit and has attracted a lot of attention. The countdown to the release of the movie “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” has begun. AMC, the largest theater in North America, announced that it will be independently released on October 13. The box office broke various pre-sale records on the first day of opening, bringing hope to the Great Depression in the Hollywood film industry caused by the “100-day strike”. It is forbidden to create mirror websites on Chinese websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website.

The charm of a pop star

On the first pre-sale day, within a few hours, AMC was snapped up by Taylor’s “super crazy” fans worth $26 million in movie tickets, even though they were priced at as high as $19.89 each (said to echo Swift’s album “1989”), far exceeding the current average ticket price in North American theaters of approximately US$12… It not only broke the record of AMC’s 2021 pre-sale box office record of US$16.9 million for “Spider-Man: No Home” , which also caused its stock price to soar nearly 9% instantly. Not only that, its popularity once caused the AMC online ticket booking system to crash due to being too busy.

Such is the beauty of a pop music superstar!

Since Swift started her global tour in March this year, local consumption has been boosted in every major North American city she has visited. According to data from the hotel reservation website Booking.com, hotel prices more than triple every weekend of Swift’s performances in cities including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Kansas City, Missouri. During the tour, the occupancy rate of some hotels in Pittsburgh was close to 100%.

This phenomenon was also included in the latest Beige Book released by the Federal Reserve (Fed), “Philadelphia’s overall tourism recovery has slowed, but hotel revenue was quite strong in May, largely due to Swift’s singing Yes.” Business think tank Common Sense Institute predicts that Swift’s tour in the United States will drive $4.6 billion in direct consumption.

Currently, leaders of many countries have invited Swift to perform in their countries on social media.

Fans and theaters are “all happy”

It is reported that the film length of “Taylor Swift: The Age of Concert Tour” is 165 minutes. It accurately and comprehensively recorded the grand occasion of her concert held at the Inglewood Stadium in California in August this year.

But the tickets for that tour started at a minimum of $49 and ranged from $499 to $499. Due to the limited number of seats and the large number of loyal fans, tickets have even been sold for thousands of dollars on some ticketing websites.

In comparison, for less than 20 US dollars, you can comfortably enjoy the live idol concert with your friends in the cinema. For many young star-chasers who are short of money, it is really a good deal.

In addition, the film was independently produced by Swift’s production company and went directly to AMC for release without going through any Hollywood film and television companies. Therefore, it will not be restricted by the terms of the ongoing general strike of the Screen Actors Guild and the Screenwriters Guild and can be used anywhere. Scrupulous online and offline promotion. This is indeed a “great thing” for movie theaters that are worried that the strike will dry up their film sources.

Previously, credit rating company Moody’s said that the longer Hollywood’s double mass strikes last, the greater the risk for cinema operators because they “almost entirely rely on new films.”

Taking this opportunity, the theater found a new “open source” idea: According to the agreement between the two parties, 43% of the box office revenue of “Taylor Swift: Time Tour” belongs to the theater chain, and Swift and AMC’s distribution Departments will share the remaining 57%.

Of course, not everyone is optimistic about the outcome.

Box office analysts and studio executives say Swift’s film, combined with fellow pop star Beyonce’s concert film, could bring in at least $120 million in box office revenue during its opening weekend. But Airbus still may not be able to fully compensate for the huge economic losses caused by the Hollywood strike.

Mainstream media hires reporters to cover only Swift

Everything Swift does is news. Mainstream American media are hiring reporters to cover Swift specifically.

Central News Agency reported that Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, owns more than 200 daily newspapers including “USA Today”. An ad was posted on its job site seeking reporters who would cover Swift. The requirements were to be “driven, creative and energetic, able to capture the appeal of Swift’s ongoing tour and upcoming album, while also providing in-depth analysis of her music and career.”

“We are looking for a thoughtful but non-judgmental reporter who can quickly build a national audience with well-written content that caters to our readers. This reporter will chronicle the most important moments of Swift’s future tours for ‘Tennessee’ Readers of People’s Daily and USA Today and more than 200 local media outlets provide an inside perspective,” the job ad reads.

The job pays well, ranging from $21.63 to $50.87 an hour, and requires international travel.

Taylor Economics

A total of 52 Swift Era concerts were held in 20 cities. The ticket sales website was paralyzed due to fans competing for tickets. It was also rated as a “Swiftonomics” effect by Bloomberg. Many economists believe that it is an observation of the post-epidemic era. A major representative phenomenon of consumer behavior.

The little diva originally planned to conduct the “Lover Fest” tour in 2020, but due to the epidemic, the concert was postponed for three years. The 52 performances of “The Eras Tour” will not begin until March 2023, each of which is about 3 hours and 44 tracks. , allowing fans to feast their ears and eyes. After the concert went on sale at the end of 2022, the website sold 2.4 million concert tickets, setting a record, with scalpers even asking for an astonishing price of $40,000.

Swift brought in a lot of money wherever she went on tour, and hotel expenses tripled. Some fans revealed that they spent more than $3,000 a night on transportation, accommodation, clothing, etc. to attend the concert. Forbes estimates Taylor earned between $500 million and $1.5 billion from the concert.

Bloomberg pointed out that Taylor Swift’s fans are willing to spend a lot of money to watch a concert because of retaliatory consumption in the post-epidemic era. Although people expect that an economic recession may follow, they still want to buy back the happiness they missed during the epidemic era. “Surge in demand, limited supply, price gouging and monopoly disputes, customers are willing to pay almost anything, this is Swiftonomics.” Bloomberg described it.

Bloomberg quoted Melissa Kearney, an economics professor at the University of Maryland, as saying: “The epidemic has changed the way people think about what is really important to them and what brings them happiness. They have nothing else they want more. ”

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