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Take control of “Sword of Police” by stealing a real gun, sending it to Pak Kret Police Station, Siam Rath

On October 20, 1965, Polish Lieutenant Colonel Chaowalit Phumkajon, commander of the Defense and Suppression Division of Pak Kret Police Station, allegedly stole 95 guns and sold them before being captured while fleeing to the police station. already reported in the chronicle

The latest at 21:20 at the Police Club Vibhavadi Rangsit Street Police Chief Chaewlit Poomkajon, commander of the group’s defense and repression work at Pak Kret Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, was accused of robbery in a government structure. Theft of 95 real guns from Pak Kret Police Station for sale – pledge to repay gambling debt Officers were able to track down and arrest near the border as they prepared. Fleeing to Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, aboard a plane from Nong Khai province, landing at the Royal Thai Police on Ramintra Road, Tha Raeng Subdistrict, Bang Khet District, Bangkok, handing the defendant over to Pol Magg Gen. Surachet Hakpan, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police, Pol Maj. General Pananchai Chayanatham, Deputy Commander of Police 1, Pol Maj. Gen. Paisan Wongwatcharamongkol, Commander in Chief of Nonthaburi Province

This was stated by the Pol Magg Gen Pananchai confession caused by the gambling debt Because the accused has the task of supervising the supply of firearms on the occasion of the accident. He has been doing this since April, the past has gradually put pistols on sale, namely Glock pistols, Mpho pistols, Sig Sauer magazines. But we are not convinced that it should have been done for a long time. Weapons are sold and engaged with the general public. The shops are also sold and engaged together with gamblers. Initially, we already know 9 positions for sale and will try to gather evidence. A search warrant was issued this morning for a total of 9 locations in the provinces of Nonthaburi and Bangkok.

In this regard, I would like to advertise who buys or accepts the commitment to return the gun to the club. Severe penalties will be light or not, can be held as a witness. If you are concerned about safety, call the Civil Service Department Police Station (191) to be picked up by Pol. Gen. Surachet. Order to set up an ad hoc kit to make a case at the club The police chief rushed to arrest and track down the number of guns as soon as possible to prevent further incidents. and also concerned about the APEC meeting

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