“Delirium of omnipotence” – Libero Quotidiano

A phrase that appeared today among the stories of Clare Ferragni has been severely criticized by Wild Liucarelli. In fact, the profile of the influencer reads: “The challenge of bringing fashion to San Remo“. Something that is not true, however, according to the journalist, who did not appreciate the sense of challenge on fashion linked […]

the trip to Nepal ends badly – ​​Libero Quotidiano

For Wild Lucarelli and her boyfriend, the would-be dancer Lorenzo Biagiarellia turbulent finale to a trip to Nepal. In fact, the couple, after the transmission conducted by Milly Carluccishe allowed herself a break on the other side of the world. But not everything went smoothly. The story, of course, travels on the social profiles of […]

“Tr*** of competitor?” – Free Daily

The controversies do not stop a Dancing with the Stars. And to rekindle the fire are the words of Paula Barale a Today is another day from Serena Bortone. La Barale clearly and clearly defended the Zanicchi which has been criticized by Wild Lucarelli: “This isn’t just a dance competition, it’s an entertainment program. And […]

frost in the studio, disastrous debut – Libero Quotidiano

<!– – –> Claudio Brigliadori July 24, 2022 – Perhaps someone had the doubt immediately: it is not certain that entrusting a show to Marco Travaglio and Selvaggia Lucarelli is synonymous with automatic success. And so, in fact, it was: the bizarre Carta Canta il Quiz debuted in the late evening on Canale Nove with […]

“The shameful gesture for which I sued her”, chaos in Rai – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella November 15, 2021 – There is no shortage of fibrillations in Rai. To Today is another day, the program of Serena Bortone broadcast on Rai 1, it arrives Morgan, which is one of the competitors of dancing with the Stars (and that together with Alessandra Tripodi is depopulating the Milly Carlucci program, between […]

are you so sure? – Free Daily

Of the suicide of Giuseppe De Donnno, on Everyday occurrence today, Thursday 29 July, he writes about it Wild Lucarelli. The same Selvaggia Lucarelli who in the days following the debate on hyperimmune plasma therapy dedicated a tweet of rare ferocity to the Mantuan professor, which read: “Do you remember the messiah Giuseppe De Donno? […]

“Pink quota? No, red. Indeed Palombelli quota” – Libero Quotidiano

“The only share that Concita De Gregorio represents, on television speaking, is the Palombelli share “, this is the vitriolic comment of Wild Lucarelli against the new host of On air, which according to some could have represented a pink and red share on La7 at the same time. The journalist from Republic, in fact, […]