Esil Duran confesses: After 7 operations he lives a second life – Curious

Esil Duran has revealed a brutal catastrophe he suffered three decades ago in Norway. The then 21-year-old singer barely survived a two-month hospital stay, fighting for her life. As a result of the monstrous accident, the star has a torn pelvis, leg, arm, jaw and collarbone on both sides. He had to undergo seven surgeries […]

A surprise vaccine raises antibodies. How it happens – The infection

Vaccination against Covid-19, in which the AstraZeneca vaccine is given as the first dose and the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine as the second dose, increases the levels of neutralizing antibodies sixfold compared to two doses of AstraZeneca, according to a South Korean study from Reuters. The study involved 499 health workers – 100 who received […]

Musk with a huge gesture to the needy Germans – World

SpaceX founder Elon Musk decided to support all those affected by the disaster by providing them with free access to the Starlink satellite internet, reports. SpaceX installs Starlink equipment in places in Germany where cellular and Internet connections do not work after the flood. Twelve satellite internet systems are already in operation, and another […]

Why Halvadjian sent Rachkov to Iskar Dam / Photo / – Curious

Dimitar Rachkov was surprisingly spotted taking pictures in a secluded spot near the shores of the Iskar Dam. The actor was floating on a small wooden raft when he was seen by passers-by. The tourists found the comedian in shorts and a shirt, sitting quietly in the boat. Asked about what was happening, Halvadjian’s team […]

What did Vlado Penev do for Marta Vachkova / Photo / – Curious

Vlado Penev surprised his followers with an unexpected photo in which he is almost unrecognizable. The actor appeared completely shaved and neatly cut. His fans were thrilled by the change in the appearance of their pet and pointed out that he immediately rejuvenated by at least 15 years. It was immediately rumored that the reason […]

Who did Orlin Goranov go to sea with (Photo / Video) – Curious

Orlin Goranov spends his summer vacation in the company of Alex Raeva. The two friendly families first relaxed at the Arapya campsite, not far from the town of Tsarevo, and now jumped back to our southern neighbor. This became clear from posts on social networks. Alex shared footage from the Greek town of Githio and […]

Wood – more expensive than ever – Economy

Europe’s economy is threatened by additional major restrictions due to shortages of materials and loads due to rising prices of raw materials and intermediate products, writes Whether wood, steel or plastic, gas or methanol, companies expect further price increases in the double-digit percentage range for almost all commodity groups, according to a survey of […]

Harry and Megan with a fateful decision – Curious

British Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle intend to baptize their daughter Lillibet in Windsor in the presence of the Queen. According to experts, this decision will determine their future fate, reports the Daily Mail. Prince Harry admitted his desire to baptize his daughter in Britain when he came to London to unveil a […]

What connects Nedelya Shtonova and Vesko Marinov – Curious

Nedelya Shtonova and Veselin Marinov are just friends, and the rumor that the singer was in love with the doctor in the past is a complete fabrication. The truth is that the two are something like relatives – Vesko is a cousin of her husband, the famous Plovdiv architect Valentin Marinov. “I have no interest […]

New 20: Gloria sells glasses and watches – Curious

Gloria took an example from her colleagues Andrea and Emilia and opened a new site where she could sell her music, tickets for her concerts, and other original items. In addition to her albums and her biography “Until the Last Smile”, fans of the pop-folk primate can also buy ceramic cups and wall clocks with […]