Greysia Polii reveals the contents of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medal, apparently…

Greysia Polii exhibited the Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medal when she was with Boy William. (Source: YouTube) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Greysia Polii, a gold medalist in women’s doubles badminton at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, revealed the facts regarding her award. Together with the famous artist Boy William, Greysia revealed that she always brought her gold […]

Axelsen, Olympic Gold Winner Who Withdrew from Denmark

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Gold medal winner Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Viktor Axelsen, made a fuss by leaving the training center in Denmark and settling in Dubai. Axelsen’s unilateral decision made the Danish badminton federation (DBF) disappointed. However, what can I say, the men’s singles world number remains the spearhead of Denmark in international championships. Axelsen […]

Simple Life, This Olympic Gold Winner Rejects House and Money Prizes

Maihe – Quan Hongchan, gold medalist Tokyo 2020 Olympics, making the Chinese public sympathize. Despite living a simple life, he refused housing and money. Hongchan became one of the highlights at the 2020 T0kyo Olympics, which just finished last weekend. He brought China to win gold from the diving branch. He won the gold medal […]

Revealed, This Apriyani Rahayu Amulet That Helped Win Olympic Gold

JAKARTA, – Apriyani Rahayu claimed to use a magic talisman that helped him win the gold medal Olympic Tokyo 2020. The object in question is a necklace given to him by his late beloved mother. Apriyni with her partner Greysia Polii echoed Indonesia Raya after winning the final of the women’s doubles badminton. They […]

Corona’s rage in Tokyo is getting worse, is it really because of the Olympics?

Jakarta – Tokyo reported the addition of 5,042 new cases of COVID-19 as of Thursday (5/8/2021). This figure is a new record since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the Japanese capital, which is currently holding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. With these daily additions, Tokyo now recorded a total of 236,139 cases, accounting for a […]

Defeat Japan, Mexico Get Bronze

Saitama – Mexico managed to win a bronze medal in the men’s football branch Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Meet the host Japan in the struggle for third place, El Tri’s squad won convincingly 3-1. Competing at Saitama Stadium, Friday (6/8/2021), Mexico opened the scoring in the 13th minute. Starting from Wataru Endo’s violation of Ernesto Vega […]

Nurul Akmal Laughs About The Alleged Viral Body Shaming

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Nurul Akmal laughing at the allegations body shaming to himself when welcoming the return of several athletes and officials from Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Wednesday (4/8) night. In a video that went viral on Twitter social media, there was a faint cry of ‘the thinnest’ when the lifter from Aceh was asked […]

Philippines Definitely Moves Indonesia’s Rank in Tokyo Olympics

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Philippines will certainly shift Indonesia’s ranking in the Philippines Tokyo Olympics along with Carlo Paalam’s success in qualifying for the flyweight boxing final. In the semifinal match, Thursday (5/8), Paalam was able to win 5-0 over Ryomei Tanaka. The certainty of qualifying for this final guarantees at least a silver […]

Wins Gold, Portugal Puts Indonesia in the Olympic Standings

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Portugal sticks to Indonesia in the medal standings Tokyo Olympics along with their success in winning gold in the triple jump branch. Pedro Pichardo managed to be the best with a record of 17.98 meters in the match which was held on Thursday (5/8). He is ahead of Zhu Yaming of […]