Dalia Ibrahim in hijab 3 months after announcing her retirement. Pictures

The artist appeared Dalia Ibrahim With the veil, through photos that she published on her personal account on “Facebook”, 3 months after announcing her retirement from art, and her followers praised her appearance in the hijab, calling for her success in her life. – – The actress Dalia Ibrahim announced her retirement from acting last … Read more

Youssef Fawzy: A high sufficiency of 30 years, an art that will not take my time and the time of others

The great artist, Youssef Fawzy, denied his recent statements by not asking the artists about him. “Fawzi” added, during a telephone interview with the media Qaswa Al Khalali on the program “Al Masaa with Qaswaa” broadcast on “TeN” channel: “Parkinson’s disease began to appear in the last work of a professor and head of the … Read more

The death of the Egyptian actor Mahmoud Masoud with a drop in the circulatory system

<div id = "firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type = "article" data-bind-html-compile = "article.body" data-first-article-body = " And mourned Egyptian Representative Professions Syndicate On her Facebook account, the late artist who died in a central hospital Cairo, Due to a sudden drop in blood circulation. He became famous Mahmoud Masoud With his television roles, and with his sober performances, … Read more

Photo .. Mai Omar lights Instagram with a short red dress

Published The artist Mai Omar A picture of her in a short red dress on her account at the social networking site “Instagram”. The platform lit it and the followers interacted with it, and many praised her and her beauty in the photo. – Mai had celebrated her mother’s birthday days ago, and she decided … Read more

Souad Hosni’s sister responds to Moufid Fawzi: We made sure to kill her while washing

Relationships and society – Related news Gigi Hosni, sister of the late star Souad Hosni, expressed her dissatisfaction with the talk of the media, Moufid Fawzy, about the killing of “Cinderella the Arab Screen” due to the sedatives. “Gigi” said, in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan”, that “Fawzi’s” words are completely incorrect, confirming that her sister … Read more

The last of them is Ahmed Fahmy … stars who have left sport for art

The lights and fame haunted them since childhood This is the case of a number of art stars, as fame knew its way to them since childhood, not through art, but through sports, specifically from the football portal, and had it not been for the change of their interests and their path in life, they … Read more

Enas Ezzedine declares that she was “Corona” while returning from Morocco

The actress Enas Ezzedine announced that she was infected with Corona virus, and that she is currently present in the house stone, where she was infected during her last trip to Morocco. Enas said through her account on Facebook, ‚ÄúPraise be to God until now, I am somewhat stable in my own house, and I … Read more

Muhammad Ramadan to Al-Ibrashi: Adel Imam is our professor, and walking in his footsteps is a great honor

Artist Mohamed Ramadan said, It is a great honor to stand on the stage of the mighty artist Adel Imam, adding that Adel Imam dream for every person standing next to him, saying: “Whoever cut my love for the artist Adel Imam, I loved the theater and stood on it … My belonging to the … Read more

Dreams jewelry at the Riyadh concert stirs controversy – Toss News

The Emirati artist raised Dreams Al-Shamsi is a widespread controversy on social media after her concert that concluded the Riyadh season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after she appeared with jewelry that was said to cost more than $ 7 million. Tweeters were interested in Ahlam jewelry, when they shared pictures of her look, … Read more