Amir Karara celebrates his birthday with his family and friends … Video

The star Amir Karara celebrated his birthday with his wife and children, on Friday evening, and the artist and his family gathered around the birthday cake in a public place, and celebrated the melodies and lyrics of the song “Come down, Oh Beautiful” by the artist Walid Tawfiq, and Amir, his wife and children appeared […]

Amr Youssef: Kinda Alloush is from Shubra, not Syria, and she loves popular songs

The artist Amr Youssef said, during his meeting with Sahranin, that there are beautiful memories that he had with the singer Bossi, adding that Bossi was present in his joy and “lightened the world”, and added: “Kinda Alloush loves her very much and loves popular songs, explaining,” When you see Kinda interacting with the songs […]

Video Amir Karara sends a message to Youssef Al Sharif .. And the last comment

05:37 PM Monday 29 June 2020 I wrote – Mona Al-Muji: The artist Amir Karara has re-posted a video clip of the artist Youssef Sharif’s dialogue with DMC’s evening program with the presenter Ramy Radwan, during which he spoke about the selection series, and the importance of presenting an artwork that deals with a role […]