New York – Dirty Diamonds – Munich

The subway network is huge, there are 472 stations today, and millions of people use the subway every day The author Fran Lebowitz once remarked in an interview with the director Martin Scorsese that the New York subway was so full of germs that if it fell on the subway, it would leave a diamond […]

Rain, rain, rain – bad weather instead of summer – Munich

Who would have thought that climate change would bring about a new breed of dog days: puddles, puddles, puddles as far as the eye can see. No, kidding aside, the 40,000 dogs registered in Munich as lap dogs, fighting dogs and anything in between couldn’t pour that much on their own. As soon as you […]

Obituary – “He was a great role model for all of us” – Munich

He shaped the development of psychiatry in Germany: Hanns Hippius, who was director of the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Munich’s Nussbaumstrasse for almost 25 years, died on Saturday at the age of 96. The physician spent his old age in Chiemgau. Hanns Hippius was born on April 18, 1925 in Mühlhausen / Thuringia. […]

Comment – where else? – Munich

1500 people want to camp on Theresienwiese during the IAA to protest against the car show. The city fears that it could get too tight there – of all places where the Oktoberfest takes place The city should have gradually got used to the fact that there are tents on the Theresienwiese in September. And […]

Munich: Party plans with clubs at Maximiliansplatz – Munich

Part of Maximiliansplatz could become an outdoor club in the coming weeks. It is another push by the city to create celebration opportunities despite the corona pandemic. The proximity to the neighboring clubs enables “seating and the offer of music”, it says in a submission of the social department, on which the vacation senate of […]

Munich: “Financial expert” is said to have cheated customers – Munich

She was recognized as a recognized expert in the field of asset advice and in the financing area at a Munich bank, headhunters hung on her heels, she traveled around the globe, and business was also going very well as an independent insurance agent. At least that’s what Andrea B. says. The public prosecutor’s office, […]

Giesinger Berg: Consultations on bridge plans – Munich

For many years, cyclists and pedestrians have wanted a bridge on Giesinger Berg. This is intended to close the gap between Gasteig and Harlaching on the eastern edge of the Isar slope between Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche and Lutherkirche. However, both the Lower Monument Protection Authority and the Lower Nature Conservation Authority had massive reservations about the previous […]

Homeless in Munich: more people, more bottles – Munich

Maybe all this crap ends here today. With a spade. Let’s go. Bernhard Nöhren is standing in line in front of the Munich station mission, where today there is not only coffee, bread and advice, but also vaccinations from Johnson & Johnson. Earlier he saw a two-meter-tall man staggering out who was pale and shaky […]

Munich mountain bus: which hiking destinations are possible – Munich

Great, says the woman on the summit of the 1613-meter-high Schildenstein. Only three quarters one. “Then it will work at 6 p.m. 6 p.m.? Your mountain companion is irritated. What’s that supposed to …? “Soccer game ?!” says the woman. It is a special mountain day, this June 19th. Because it is also the day […]