Darmstadt 98 in the second Bundesliga against Hannover 96

EIt didn’t take much time for “Lilien” coach Torsten Lieberknecht to develop a special relationship with his new players. He is impressed how his team is taking on the challenges of the first few weeks of the season. And there were plenty of them: numerous injuries and corona failures, two defeats at the start of […]

Darmstadt 98 loses the season opener against Regensburg

EAt SV Darmstadt 98 on the weekend, they must have felt in a little bit like the host, who had to turn down almost half of the most important guests shortly before the big party. Inevitably, but as is well known, that doesn’t make it any better if the ones you need for a good […]

Bochum, Kiel or Fürth – who will be Cologne’s opponent in the relegation?

1. FC Köln jumped the direct relegation at the last moment again from the shovel. Sebastiaan Bornauw’s later winning goal against FC Schalke 04 promoted the billy goats for the first time in the club’s history. t-online explains how things will go on for FC now. Ralf Fährmann in the goal of FC Schalke 04 […]

Schalke 04: Knäbel negotiates with Dursun – only Bundesliga offer

17-goal striker is free transfer With Victor Pálsson (29) and Serdar Dursun (29), Schalke 04 has two top performers of SV Darmstadt 98 in mind. What the “Bild” brought into play on Wednesday as a loose rumor seems to be taking shape, at least with regard to Dursun, with 17 goals second-best goalscorer in the […]

Darmstadt defeated Hamburger SV 2-1

IIn the struggle for promotion to the Bundesliga, Hamburger SV suffered a serious setback. Against Darmstadt 98, the table runner-up suffered a surprising 1: 2 (0: 0) home defeat, despite being superior at times. The lilies, which have not been lost in the Volkspark for almost 40 years, took a big step towards staying in […]

SV Darmstadt 98: Special incentive for the Düsseldorf game

Dhe relegation battle in the second division is apparently not a burden for the Darmstadt 98 soccer team. In the daily work, the coach and player seem to have found the right balance. “The boys have been quite relaxed and relaxed the past few days – and still very focused in training,” said head coach […]

SV Darmstadt 98 in the 2nd Bundesliga with a draw in Braunschweig

Mith this varied working day, Erich Berko could not count on Saturday in Braunschweig. The Darmstadt professional footballer had already mentally set up on a bank seat in the away duel. Because his teammate Mathias Honsak had to give up at short notice with problems in the hip flexor, Berko started work in minute one. […]

Darmstadt 98 against Braunschweig called for

FSports betting fans shouldn’t get involved in the “lilies” this second division season. Discontinuity in the results is characteristic of the 2020/21 class of SV Darmstadt 98. Whenever you could think, now they rush into the table cellar, the break follows. And if you were to assume that they have now caught and stabilized, things […]