Due To Morosa Pinjol, Young Mother In Cilincing Threatened Naked Photos Released To Medsos

JAKARTA – Involved in an online loan fund (pinjol), a housewife with the initials PDY (25) is terrified. Brazenly, the perpetrator threatened to release nude photos of PDY. Investigators from the North Jakarta Metro Police who responded to PDY’s report immediately investigated and searched for the perpetrators of the pinjol terrorism. “It was reported yesterday. … Read more

Again, BU, because of the pandemic, don’t secretly borrow debt!

Jakarta – The COVID-19 pandemic has made many families lose their loved ones and backbone. The new variant of the Corona virus must be anticipated by every individual, including in terms of household finances. Adviser for Wealth And Asset Management (WAM) Indonesia Legowo Kusumonegoro said the sudden loss of a family breadwinner often left abandoned … Read more

Interest in Online Shopping through Pinjol Skyrockets, AdaKA’s P2P Application Receives 80,000 Submissions a Week

loading… In collaboration with JD.ID, AdaKami serves financing of up to Rp. 30 million and installments of up to 12 months. Photo: doc Jd.id JAKARTA – The interest of the Indonesian people to shop online using installments is getting higher during the pandemic This happened on the Adakami platform, an online application for peer-to-peer lending … Read more

New Illegal Pinjol Mode, Consumers Can Suddenly Transfer

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Head of the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) Tongam L. Tobing reveals the new mode of P2P fintechtech lending or online loans (pinjol) namely sending funds suddenly to the public even though the person concerned did not apply for a loan. He suspects that this incident was caused by people’s actions … Read more

Really nasty! Here’s the Illegal Pinjol Covert Mode

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Online loan alias pinjol illegal has many modes of crime. Entities whose majority are not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) have easy borrowing. “But very trapped, the fee is large, borrowing Rp. 1 million is transferred Rp. 600 thousand. High interest is around 3% per day. The short term … Read more

People’s Misery, Police Pursue 3 Thousand Online Loans in Indonesia – FAJAR

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – As many as 3,000 online loans (Pinjol) operating in Indonesia are being pursued by the National Police Headquarters. The reason is that thousands of loans are not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) aka illegal. The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit at the National Police Headquarters, Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto, … Read more

Police Mission to Brush 3,000 Illegal Pinjols Make Residents Uneasy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) Police are targeting a number of online loan service providers (Pinjol) which is not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) aka illegal. Control will be carried out because so far the community has been disadvantaged by borrowing work that burdens customers. Even the Police likens the … Read more

Mrs. Teacher of Semarang is entangled in a loan, Rp. 3 million swelling becomes Rp. 206 million!

Semarang Regency – An honorary teacher in the district Semarang, Afifah Muflihati (27) entangled in online loan network (pinjol) to hundreds of millions. Initially only borrowing Rp. 3 million, Afifah’s debt swelled to Rp. 206.3 million. Afifah’s attorney, Muhammad Sofyan, said that Afifah borrowed money online to buy children’s milk. Afifah has two children who … Read more

Online Loan Collections to Kindergarten Teachers, Debt Collectors Create a Facebook Group Open Donations for Debtors Page all

KOMPAS.com – Debt collector from online loans (pinjol) created a Facebook group to collect loans from S (40), a kindergarten teacher from Sukun District, Kota Poor, East Java. S entangled in online loans on 24 applications with a total loan of up to IDR 40 million. According to S, the Facebook group contains her husband, … Read more

Kindergarten Teachers in Malang Trapped in Debt on 24 Pinjol Applications, 19 of which are Illegal

KOMPAS.com– S, a kindergarten teacher in Poor, East Java, entangled in an online loan (pinjol) up to around IDR 40 million in 24 applications. S had the intention of committing suicide as a result of being terrorized by debt collectors from the loan application. S was caught in a number of online loan applications because … Read more