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4 Things To Do If You’re Billed Unknown

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Actress Nafa Urbach suddenly become a target of terror from individuals who act in the name of lending services online (pinjol). In fact, he never borrowed money at the loan.

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that Nafa was used as collateral by a borrower at the loan. However, Nafa admitted that he did not know the name and identity of the borrower mentioned by the person who terrorized him.

Not only Nafa, her family was also involved in this problem. Terrorists even came to Nafa’s house.

“My family was threatened. ‘If you don’t pay (the loan) your family will be in charge. I can come to your house and I will finish all of your family. It’s like that,” said Nafa describing the conversation with the terrorist, Thursday (16/9) .

It didn’t stop there, a number of numbers continued to contact Nafa via WhatsApp and SMS. So far, he has tried to block the numbers.

This is an example of a pinjol case in Indonesia. There are many other cases of fleas that may be more severe than this.

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So, what exactly should people do when they are suddenly billed by a loan even though they have never borrowed on the loan application?

1. Check the Legality of Pinjol

Spokesman for the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Sekar Putih Djarot said the public must check the legality of the loan that collects the debt. This can be seen on the official OJK website.

“Can be seen in bit.ly/daftarfintechlendingOJK, “said Sekar to CNNIndonesia.com.

In addition, the public also contacted OJK directly at number 157. Later, the public will receive information on a list of registered loans that have been licensed by OJK.

Meanwhile, Sekar ensured that borrowing money from people who did not borrow money was illegal. In other words, the loan is not registered with the OJK.

2. Block

In addition, Sekar asked the public to immediately block the number of the borrower who collected the debt. Thus, their access to contact people who do not have debt will be closed.

However, if the borrower is still ‘naughty’, then the public can ignore the contact. If there is a phone, you don’t need to pick up and you don’t need to reply if someone calls you to send a message via SMS or WhatsApp.

Similarly, the Financial Planner of the Advisors Alliance Group Indonesia Andy Nugroho said that the public could ignore the person acting in the name of the loan.

“So just ignore it, don’t panic. Sometimes you like to panic, suddenly you’ll be visited debt collector. But it was just a bluff,” Andi said.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association (AFPI) Kus Eryansyah agreed with Sekar and Andi. According to him, people do not need to pick up calls from unknown numbers.

“If the family changes the number, WhatsApp will usually tell you that the caller is the number, so if there is an unknown number, don’t pick it up,” said Kus.

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