SMITE: Cthulhu will plunge you into the abyss of madness from June

The publisher Hi-Rez Studios and the developer Titan Forge Games announced that in June Cthulhu would be one of the more than 100 mythological legends of the free-to-play action MOBA SMITE is joined. As one of the most memorable gods in the history of SMITE Cthulhu, the Great Old, will open the newly created Pantheon […]

Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands announced as crossover with Bloodstained

The next update for Kingdom Two Crowns is in the starting blocks and brings a surprising crossover. Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands was namely from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night inspires and introduces not only a new place, but numerous mechanics. Accordingly, for the first time, players can not only change the mount more practically, […]

Steins; Gate 0 Elite announced, Skydance Television is working on a series

Who the switch from Steins; Gate Elite The original version of the successor was difficult to look forward to. Like it. has now Steins; Gate 0 Elite announced, but further information has not yet been published. The game is supposed to tell the story of the game, but uses sequences from the anime adaptation. The […]

Doom Eternal director looks forward to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Next Animal Crossing: New Horizons Another highlight of this year will appear on March 20. Doom Eternal was supposed to be released last November and should now be released at the same time as Nintendo’s long-running hit. The director of Doom EternalHugo Martin said in an interview with GameSpot that he is looking forward to […]