Encouraged firmly, “Nino” revealed that he had attacked the hospital for 2 nights already.

Sick but still ha. “Nino Methanee” revealed that he had attacked the hospital for 2 nights and complimented the nurse. But there was a peak at the end Entertainment people – fan club Parade sending encouragement tight.Causing friends, brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry and fans to flock to send encouragement And to bless … Read more

FBC reveals 35 new cases of COVID cases

FDA reveals 35 new cases of COVID-19 Not stress. The rumor “Cicada” confirms it is not the second world that the bridegroom had been married but 10 years ago Very heartbreaking, “Bum” pity the young star who lost her marriage. The first world name was revealed. Friends don’t listen to it !! Celebrity female superstar … Read more

Not stress. The rumor “Cicada” confirms it is not the second world that the bridegroom had been married but 10 years ago

“Cicada Achamsiri” confirmed, obviously, not the second world of anyone who accepted that the groom “K Wattana” had been married but was over 10 years ago. Rumor Can be called a notorious hot topic in the entertainment industry ever For the case that the female star agreed to be the second world of the male … Read more

The abandoned man “Ploy Cherman” came back single, this time, the pain itself will disappear!

Khun Mom # The abandoned person 2020 “Ploy Cherman” revealed to be back to single this time Before it hurts itself It was broken, not a position!Once again, talking about love through social media. After announcing the status of being single on Valentine’s For young actress “Ploy Chermarn Boonyasak” At last (February 27, 2021), the … Read more

Shining relationship “Pete-Mari” after posting the same diving picture

Secretly shedding light on the relationship “Pete-Marie” or will it be launched? After posting the same diving pictures Relationships remain vague, but fans I will tell you that you will be contacted. I will never be bored … for the dazzling female heroine “Marie Burner” and the former singer of the boy band “Pitch Ka … Read more

Not motionless! The media apologized to “Bright” after the inappropriate headline.

The media is loud, not motionless. Panning a book to apologize to “Bright Pitchaythan” after an inappropriate headline occurred. Ready to be revealed to be more careful So as not to have more errors in the future Became a light warming matter Ever After the beautiful girl announcer “Bright Phichan Thanh Chanput” Has issued a … Read more

Good news, 2-digit new COVID cases for 6 days in a row

Ministry of Public Health reveals 2-digit new cases of COVID-19 for 6 days The rapper has 400 million views, eats the liver of a girl, 18 girlfriends, is engaged in supply. The girl exposes “Rapper” not selling herself. Asked if it was good or was forced to take birth control pills On February 25, at … Read more

Can’t get it !! “Khwan Usamanee” prepared by the old channel Why found Make a lack of income

Prepare bye bye to the famous channel !! “Khwan Usamanee” received a pick-up contract, a problematic contract, made a mistake in other dramas Cho Phat Nai Khui in the case of requesting compensation It is a lesson to trust adults! Well, look for each other. The issue of the heroine, superstar, packing things to prepare … Read more

At home not respect … Ghost “Lala” explains the drama “Lulu” is angry after rumors of silent dress “Lek Jesada”

The house is not respected … Ghost “Lala R Siam” explores the drama “Lulu R Siam” angry after rumors of silent dress “Lek Jesada” Earlier there was news that “Lala R. Siam“And a close brother “Lek Jesada” Ambushed the traditional Isan wedding at the house of the woman quietly. Until making a close friend like … Read more

Big Surprise “Shentana” Pay, a dream supercar, a luxury car for his wife on her 31 birthday.

The best husband “Shentana” made the wife “James Kalaya” screamed after retreating, a dream supercar, a luxury car, a 31-year birthday gift, made to realize the word of life reward. Can be called a lovely couple and fight life together with suffering together until the business is extremely resplendent. For the former singer – young … Read more