Coal Skyrockets, State Revenue Breaks 1 Decade Record!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coal commodity prices are currently skyrocketing. Although in the last two days it has fallen, the price is still above US$ 200 per ton. In trading on the ICE Newcastle (Australia) market yesterday, Thursday (07/10/2021), the price of coal was still above US$ 200 per ton, which was US$ 224.90 per […]

Coal Prices are Exorbitantly Exorbitant, Beware of Dying PLN!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of coal is still exorbitantly high, although the price has dropped, it is still above US$ 200 per ton. This very high price makes coal entrepreneurs tend to be more export-oriented compared to meeting domestic needs, whose price is limited to a maximum of US$ 70 per ton. This […]

This is Jokowi’s Plan to Work on the World’s 6th Largest Treasure

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia turns out to have a source of mining “treasure” which is ranked the sixth largest in the world. The source of the “treasure” of this mine is bauxite. Commodities that can be processed into aluminum products will certainly gain much greater state revenue if downstream industries are built. This is […]

To Raise Thousands of Trillions, This is the Great Plan of the Indonesian Nickel Industry

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has instructed his cabinet to no longer sell “homeland” or raw goods, but must first process them into finished goods. By processing raw goods into finished goods, the added value for the country will be multiplied. In fact, the mining industry’s Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) after this […]

Morowali Industrial Estate Turns Out to Build an EV Battery Cluster!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) in Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi, currently has three industrial clusters, one of which is currently under construction, namely a cluster that produces electric vehicle (EV) battery components. This was conveyed by the CEO of PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) Alexander Barus. He explained that […]

Abundant Production, But RI Imports Millions Of Tons Of Coal You Know..

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the midst of Indonesia’s abundant coal supply, where more than 500 million tons of coal are produced annually, and even about 70% are exported, in fact Indonesia is still importing coal. Based on data from the Handbook of Energy and Economic Statistics of Indonesia 2020 released by the Ministry of […]

Coal is Abundant But PLN is Critical, This Needs to be Improved

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Several power plants of PT PLN (Persero) experienced a coal supply crisis because there were dozens of companies, 34 coal companies to be exact, which did not fulfill their commitments to PLN during January 1-July 31, 2021. On the other hand, the price disparity between the domestic price of coal and […]

Manufacturers Must Sell 25% of Coal Domestically & Price US$ 70

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has just released the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No.139.K/HK.02/ MEM.B/2021 concerning the Fulfillment of Domestic Coal Needs. This regulation was stipulated by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif on August 4, 2021. This Decree of […]

These are the Kings of RI’s Mainstay Mining Commodities, Who are they?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural resources (SDA), including for mineral mining commodities such as nickel and gold, as well as coal. The stored ‘treasure’ of mining commodities amounts to billions of tons. Realizing that there are many ‘treasures’ stored in the country, the government has decided to oblige the downstreaming […]