Poco will introduce extreme performance smartphones in early 2023

On the other hand, times and technology have also made innovation more developed. The presence of the latest generation of internet connectivity, i.e. the 5G network, allows technology providers to present a variety of new experiences. For example, more real-time gaming, access to high-resolution video, and more. To meet these needs, device vendors smartphones it … Read more

The reason why the Poco M5s retail box does not include a charging head

Previously, Poco was also launched smartphone Their latest product in Indonesia is the Poco C40. The 6,000mAh jumbo battery capacity is the flagship feature of this phone. “Small C40, smartphone The largest battery with a large screen is also in the first C-series of the Poco product line, ”said Andi Renreng, Poco Indonesia’s Head of … Read more

Leak the specs and costs of the Poco C40 coming out in Indonesia

Zoom in – The most up-to-date Poco F4 smartphone released in Indonesia. (Doc: Minimal) – Formerly, Poco was launched smartphone their new line of the F4 series, namely the Poco F4 and the Poco F4 GT for the Indonesian market. Moreover, they also launched the Poco Buds Pro Genshin Impression Version. The Poco F4 is … Read more

7 smartphone battery myths you want to know

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Tiny experienced previously announced that he would be launched smartphone new large battery capability. This is intended to deliver a better user knowledge than before. For A bithuge capability battery is an critical factor in a smartphone. This is carried out to meet up with the demands of smartphone people. A single … Read more

Virtual Music Concert, Poco M4 Pro Will Launch in Indonesia March 29, 2022

Previously, Poco had just announced that it had lowered service costs including services and spare parts for its smartphones. This policy is here so that after-sales service can be more affordable for all Poco Fans. This cost reduction policy has been carried out since January 2022. In an official statement received on Saturday (26/2/2022), this … Read more

In addition to Filling in Electronic Money Balances, Check 4 Other NFC Functions You Need to Know

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Aiming for GenZ and Millennial Users, Poco is Ready to Bring Many Smartphones in 2022

For your information, the M series smartphone is smartphone entry level Poco. While the X series is smartphone extreme performance, and series F being the product flagship from Poco. According to Andi, the presence of smartphones with extreme performance this is possible because Poco is an independent brand since early 2021. Although still share after-sales … Read more

Poco M3 Pro 5G for sale at a special price at the end of 2021

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Little bit provide a promo at the end of the year for the Poco M3 Pro 5G smartphone. This offer runs from 25-31 December 2021. At the end of this year, Poco collaborated with a unique visual creative, Herzven. The collaboration has been carried out with the presence of Herzven’s Poco M3 … Read more