Křetínský buys another energy supplier

EP Energy Trading from Daniel Křetínský’s EPH holding, which supplies electricity and gas to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia under the epet brand, is buying the electricity trader Gazela Energy. Their connection is being assessed by the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition (ÚOHS), which reported on it on its website. “The […]

Russia and Pakistan Sign Big Energy Deal

loading… A worker drains water from a gas filter at the Egas processing plant in Gujar Khan, Pakistan. Photo/REUTERS/Caren Firouz ISLAMABAD – Russia and Pakistan reached a “conceptual” agreement on the supply of Russian oil and petroleum products to Pakistan. The news was announced by Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Sergey Mochalnikov at a […]

Electricity and gas: Basic suppliers are almost always the cheapest option

The gas and electricity market remains very tense and volatile. In the cases examined, it is seldom worthwhile to switch from the basic service to a special contract. This is the result of a study by the Energy Market Observatory of the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (vzbv). According to this, as of November 2022, […]

Oliebollen expensive, but still popular

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 15:24•Edited today, 15:42 Inflation and the energy crisis have made oliebollen more expensive, but we haven’t stopped eating the delicacy. The Dutch are buying as many oliebollen this year as last year, Arend Kisteman of the Dutch Bread and Pastry Bakers Entrepreneurs Association (NBOV) argues against the ANP news agency. Has a […]

Energy crisis, European Union threatened by darkness

Loading… Energy crisis, the European Union risks darkness. Photo/Illustration/Bloomberg OTHER – European Union (EU) has little chance of stopping blackout in the middle energy crisis exacerbated by the Ukrainian conflict and must prepare for its effects. This was the alarm raised by Austrian Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner on Tuesday (12/27/2022). Speaking to Die Welt, the […]

Liquidity aid for Berlin companies: Plenty of room under the bailout package

The 100 million euro emergency aid program for Berlin companies in the energy crisis is little used. Economy Senator Schwarz: good sign. There are subsidies for energy costs so cafes can continue to put their tables out Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Joerg Carstensen BERLIN dpa | So far, Berlin companies have barely used the state […]

Energy suppliers also charge much more for all kinds of costs

The fact that the energy bill has risen sharply in the last year is not only due to the high price of energy. Federal energy watchdog Creg sees suppliers have increased all kinds of costs and margins over the past year. This involves hundreds of euros on an annual basis. This concerns, for example, the […]

New catastrophe threatens Europe, Franco-British citizens alerted

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A new catastrophe, namely the energy crisis in Europe, seems to be coming soon. A number of citizens in several countries are starting to worry about the conditions that will arise. In France, residents have started buying camping stoves, generators and torches. This is in anticipation if the electricity goes out […]