Three cases of Delta confirmed in El Paso

El Paso.- The El Paso Health Department confirmed the first three cases of the Delta variant. The people who presented symptoms of this variant are a woman in her 20s, another in her 40s and one over 60. None of them were vaccinated against Covid-19, Salud reported. It is worth mentioning that starting Monday, basic-level […]

These tricks will make you look better in all your photos

Let’s be honest, when we are in a photograph, we all care how we look. Those images with the eyes closed, double chin or hunched are not exactly the most flattering. The moment in which the camera captures an image is so brief that it is necessary to take into account some tips so as […]

Clouds must be down to -20 degrees to accelerate the rain – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The technique of seeding or fertilizing clouds to obtain rain, consists of accelerating or making efficient a process that already exists naturally in the atmosphere, a cloud with optimal humidity conditions and a temperature between -10 and -20 degrees Celsius is necessary to then spread the silver iodide in a localized way and achieve precipitation, […]

Noel Gallagher mocks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Noel Gallagher, a member of the Irish rock band Oasis, revealed his opinion on the controversy involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with the Royal Family, even calling himself “identified” with Prince William. It is well known that Gallagher does not have a good relationship with his brother Liam, also a member of Oasis, for […]

Liquidates short-term loans state administration – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

All the short-term credits that the state administration had were paid in full on May 31 as established by the Financial Discipline Law, and as of today there is not a single credit in force, not even from productive chains, he reported. the head of the Ministry of Finance of the State Government, Arturo Fuentes […]

They persecute and kill one in Parajes de San José

Ciudad Juárez.- A young man of approximately 20 years of age was shot to death in the courtyard of a house after being pursued by his attackers in the streets of the Parajes de San José subdivision. According to elements of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), the now deceased was hit by his attackers […]

Eiza González is the highest grossing woman in Hollywood

Mexican actress Eiza González is one of the five highest-grossing Hollywood stars in the last three years in the United States. Because of this, this morning the Mexican dedicated the enormous achievement to all Mexicans and Latinos and sent a strong message to her detractors. From her Twitter account, the actress explained that “normally, I […]