The chicken chop sister revealed the truth about sexual harassment late at night and accidentally uttered 15 words. Net dumbfounded: admit to framed Zeng Guocheng? -Entertainment-China Times News

Full record of Weng Liyou’s press conference The chicken chop sister Zheng Jiachun accused the golden song song king Weng Liyou of sexual harassment. The incident continued for many days. Yesterday (5th) she tried to break into Weng Liyou’s press conference and was rejected. , But the sentence “That last tooth was the first time […]

Xu Xiaoshun was named by netizens in the sexual harassment case of chicken pai girl: hurting the innocent will have to pay the price-Entertainment-Zhongshi News Network

A netizen named Xu Xiaoshun, a pornographic chicken chop girl, and the 50-member lawyer team asked you to explain clearly After “Chicken Pai Girl” Zheng Jiachun broke the news that singer Weng Liyou was sexually harassed, he was hit by the host Zeng Guocheng in the chest, causing an uproar. In this regard, some netizens […]

The net turned over Weng Liyou’s “Sexual Sao” Chicken Pai Girl verbatim draft to find out one suspicious point: Zeng Guocheng was right-Entertainment-Zhongshi News Network

Weng Liyou called the victim to avoid the chicken chop sister as a confrontation The king of golden song Weng Liyou was accused of sexual harassment by chicken chop sister Zheng Jiachun, which sparked a heated discussion on the Internet and sparked controversy between the two factions. Some netizens turned up the verbatim version of […]

Talking about chicken chop sister, Weng Liyou, sexual harassment Sun Derong: Don’t let her in if there shouldn’t be rubbish-Entertainment-Zhongshi

Weng Liyou called the victim to avoid the chicken chop sister as a confrontation Zheng Jiachun (chicken chop sister) recently accused Weng Liyou of sexually harassing herself at activities, and last night accused Zeng Guocheng of embracing her chest, and the sexual harassment continued. Sun Derong recorded JET’s “Big Treasure Hunter” on the 5th and […]