the photo with Francesco Monte and the comments of Salemi and Ariadna

Gossip After the night of passion between the former Velino and the web influencer at Big Brother Vip, an unexpected photo appears … Published on January 2, 2021 The world is really small, especially that of entertainment. On social networks some followers have fished out an old photo that portrays Pierpaolo Pretelli in the company […]

Pierapaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi: ever closer – Big Brother VIP

What is being born between Pierapaolo e Giulia it is a very special feeling that makes them inseparable day after day. Their friendship was born immediately, a few days after Giulia’s entry into the House, and this sudden interest on the part of Pierpaolo in the beautiful influncer has repeatedly been a cause of conflict […]

GF Vip, Giulia Salemi in tears: Pierpaolo Pretelli consoles her

In the House of Big Brother Vip emotions are the master: among quarrels, clashes and tensions, some tenants also show signs of abating. It was the case with Giulia Salemi who burst into tears, with Pretelli immediately ran to comfort her in her arms. While all the other “Vipponi” were intent on laughing and joking, […]

A misunderstanding puts the orange room in crisis – Big Brother VIP

The clarification that involves Elisabetta, Pierpaolo Enock e Andrea continues after dinner, Enock approaches Elisabetta and go back to the topic “I understood that yours was a joke towards me from the words of Francesco” she says trying to apologize but the roommate looks rather disappointed and “Let’s do that I misunderstood”. The contestant then […]

“I feel suffocated, I have to go out.” The others intervene

Gf Vip, Enock: «I feel suffocated, I have to go out». The others intervene. These are heavy days for Mario Balotelli’s brother. Ever since he learned of the extension of the program, Enock is having a difficult time, undecided whether to stay or leave. This afternoon, however, things seemed to have precipitated. Read also> Said […]

“Do your caz *** your otherwise …”. The others intervene

its the latest updates. Gf Vip, furious screams in the House. Elisabetta Gregoraci against Selvaggia Roma: “Fuck your caz *** otherwise …“. The others intervene. A few minutes ago, a heated discussion broke out in the Cinecittà apartment, between Flavio Briatore’s ex-wife and the new arrival Selvaggia Roma. But let’s go in order. Read […]