The first response from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez after rumors of their separation

Clever Irons Friday, February 10, 2023 01:00 AM Binary response Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez on all the rumors that affected their relationship during the recent period regarding their separation, and the existence of severe crises between them, especially those shots at the last Grammy ceremony, whether when Affleck appeared to frown in a large […]

Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album | free press

It’s been eight years since “AKA”. Now Jennifer Lopez has announced a new album, which is expected to be released in 2023. The Angels. Exactly twenty years after the release of her album This Is Me… Then, Jennifer Lopez has announced a follow-up album. “This Is Me… Now” contains 13 songs and is scheduled for […]

Stroll downtown for the “Bennifer”

Walk hand in hand in the heart for the couple of the second, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, affectionately known as the “Bennifers” by the push all around the entire world. – The two protagonists of the jet set are paying their honeymoon around Europe. Paris to start with and now Lake Como, attendees of […]

Lopez, 53, has a shocked confront with no cute makeup

At 53, Jennifer Lopez seems as new and eye-catching as she did 20 yrs in the past. Enthusiasts are positive that the Hollywood actress has settled in the freezer: she isn’t going to have a wrinkle on her face, she appears to be fresh and rested. In the early morning photo in bed, Ben Affleck’s […]

The wedding ceremony of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck … the ex-spouse of the groom and her brother are the most popular absentees, “online video”

well-known Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck, on Saturday, their marriage for the 2nd time, and the superb ceremony saw the participation of a significant number of stars, but there were important absences between the visitors, and between people who did not share that happy second with the newlyweds, the groom’s ex-spouse Jennifer Garner, and her […]