Putin’s culinary specialist vs. the Kremlin: Our battle isn’t with NATO in Ukraine.

The owner of PMC “Wagner” and known as Putin’s chef – Yevgeny Prigozhin rejected the Kremlin’s claims that Russia is fighting NATO in Ukraineand raised the question of whether there really are Nazis in Ukraine, as Moscow has consistently claimed. This is stated in the daily analysis of the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine […]

The depletion of Russian forces in Bakhmut will soon translate to benefits for Ukraine.

A counter-offensive against “depleted” Russian forces near Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine could soon be launched. This was stated by the commander of the ground forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Sirsky, quoted by “France Presse”. “The aggressor has not given up on capturing Bakhmut at any cost, despite the loss of manpower and equipment. The main fighting […]

Ukraine is apprehensive about a possible ‘repeat of Bakhmut’ in the eastern region.

Ukraine said on Thursday that the eastern town of Audiyivka could soon become a “second bakhmut”. Photos are from video footage. A car damaged by debris. AUDI IUKA, 2023. REUTERS/Donetsk Region Police. KYIV (Reuters) – Ukraine said on Friday that the eastern town of Audiyivka could soon become a “second Bakhmut”. Audiiyka is located just […]

Russian Mercenaries Assert Dominance over 70% of Ukraine’s Bakhmut Region

Bakhmut – The head of Russia’s Wagner Mercenary Group Yevgeny Prigozhin claims to have controlled more than half of Bakhut City in Ukraine east. The mercenary group was indeed deployed for the purpose of liberating the city from Ukraine. As reported by AFP, Monday (20/3/2023), Yevgeny Prigozhin claims to have controlled 70 percent of Bakhmut […]

Commandos from Ukraine are engaged in combat in Bakhmut.

Crouching in a small forest, the commander of Ukrainian commandos instructs his soldiers before their mission to oppose the Russian offensive to capture the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, reports AFP. The special forces aim to protect the nearby village of Grigorovka in Donetsk Oblast, about 10 km northwest of Bakhmut, which came under […]

We still have enough resources to defend Bakhmut – Podolyak

“Today, we still have enough resources to hold on there. We can also carry out small counter-offensives in the vicinity. But tactical changes must take place,” he said. According to Podolyak, the decision of the Ukrainian commanders to stay in Bakhmut is based on the resources available, their delivery, the risks to the military and […]

Russian mercenary group Wagner Group captures eastern part of Bakhmut | Madhyamam

KYIV: Russian mercenary group Wagner Group has taken full control of the eastern part of Bakhmut, founder Yevgeny Prigoshin said. US media reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the capture of Bakhmut would open the way for Russian troops to enter eastern Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned that Bakhmut could be […]

Bakhmut and Ukraine’s strategy to wear down the Russian military elite

Ukraine’s battle for Bakhmut has gained strategic importance in fact, and could lead to a serious weakening of the best forces of the Wagner group, depriving Russia of some of the most effective and most difficult to replace strike units. The culmination of the Wagner attacks has already happened once, prompting the Russian Ministry of […]