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SBU Reveals Details of Sniper Operations and Use of Drones

The SBU notes that details of the work of snipers are presented in the film “Bakhmut. The Road of Life,” which was released on the anniversary of the death of the legendary snipers TsSO “A” of the SBU Dmitry Kaplunov and Denis Volochaev.

As the head of the SBU Vasily Malyuk said, Ukrainian snipers as part of small tactical groups covered the military near the “road of life” near Bakhmut. They also performed counter-sniper, counter-sabotage work and fire adjustment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The head of the SBU emphasized that most of the snipers of TsSO “A” are world champions in sniping. They perform the most difficult tasks during war.

“These are the ones who sting with a needle right in the heart. This is a unique and delicate work. They take out the top villains at really long distances. And they do this constantly, consistently, effectively,” he clarified.

Malyuk also noted that during his visit to Bakhmut, a decision was made to reinforce the SBU snipers with combat groups with FPV drones.

“The SBU leads in the number of destroyed armored vehicles using attack drones. One of our groups completely destroyed 79 units of equipment in four combat missions. A drone that costs from 450 to two thousand dollars smokes a multi-million dollar tank. This is very clear arithmetic that proves the effectiveness of drones.” , he added.

Let us recall that earlier Malyuk revealed details of the operations of the Security Service of Ukraine for the attack on the Crimean Bridge.

He emphasized that the Crimean Bridge was doomed and announced a large number of surprises.

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