Danilov said Russia is begging for talks

According to him, the Russians are now trying to understand that they have no chance of seizing Ukrainian territories. Therefore, they began to raise issues of negotiations. “Therefore, today they are begging. They are taking on a whole pool of negotiators. They are now doing a lot of work with certain groups so that they […]

Russia lost its largest nuclear submarine

Moscow, Monday 06 February 2023 04:11 Photo: Russia lost its largest nuclear submarine (twitter.com/ralee85) In Russia, the heavy nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy”, which is the largest in the world in terms of displacement, was withdrawn from the combat strength of the Navy. It is reported that “Dmitry Donskoy” will be awaiting disposal at the naval […]

A fire near Moscow occurred in a warehouse with plastic

A fire broke out in a warehouse with plastic in the Russian village of Nakhabino, near Moscow, in the urban district of Krasnogorsk. 37 people and 11 pieces of equipment are involved in the fight against fire. From the EMERCOM of Russia – four pieces of equipment and 14 employees. According to the Ministry of […]

Business with Russia – Only 2 domestic companies have withdrawn

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Russia is creating a new space for criticizing Putin without fear of punishment

“In the Russian Federation open up a new sector where certain figures can criticize Putin and the highest echelons of power without any visible retribution. The ISW report gave an example of how the war criminal Igor Girkin sharply hinted that he supported removal of the head of the Kremlin from office. In turn, the […]

The largest importers of Russian oil are India and China

Russia deployed at least four VLCC supertankers in December 2022 to export Urals oil to China, and one for delivery to India in January of this year. Traders note that this allows to reduce the cost of transporting oil to Asia. Russian oil exports from the Baltic Sea ports to Asian countries increased by 27% […]

Sanctions against Russia – US eased restrictions

As specified in department, this document replaces the license 6B published in July, 2022. The text of the new document has a number of differences compared to the previous version. In particular, it states that transactions related to the Russian Federation related to the production, sale, transportation or provision of agricultural goods, agricultural equipment, medicine, […]