The Stir Surrounding Prabowo Subianto’s Delayed Registration with the KPU

The Stir Surrounding Prabowo Subianto’s Delayed Registration with the KPU

Jakarta – Tweet from the Chairman of the Democratic Bappilu Andi Arief The fact that Prabowo Subianto has not yet registered with the KPU is causing a stir. Gelora Party Vice Chairman Fahri Hamzah dismissed the news. “In the KIM (Advanced Indonesia Coalition) there is none. Everyone is unanimous,” said Fahri to journalists, Saturday (21/10/2023). … Read more

Andi Arief Admits Receiving IDR 50 Million in Black Plastic from PPU Regent: Create COVID

Jakarta – Chairman of the Election Winning Body (Bappilu) of the Democratic Party Andi Arief claimed to have received some money from the inactive Regent of North Penajam Paser (PPU), Abdul Gafur Mas’ud. There were 2 gifts, the first one was received directly by Andi Arief in the amount of Rp. 50 million. This was … Read more

Democrats Reveal 4 Heroes in West Java Pilkada 2024, Who Are They?

Jakarta – Party Democrat revealed the four names championed by the Democrats in West Java Pilkada (West Java) for 2024. The four names will be tested for their performance for the candidates for governor and deputy governor promoted by the Democrats. The four Democrats for the 2024 West Java Pilkada:1. Herman Khaeron (Head of BPOKK, … Read more

If PDIP falls, we invite you to join

Chairman of the Bapilu of the Democratic Party, Andi Arief, was interviewed by a number of journalists. (Source: Erdianto) Writer : Tito Dirhantoro | Editor : Hariyanto Kurniawan JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The chairman of the Democrat Party’s Election Supervisory Body, Andi Arief, also responded to the statement of the Secretary General (Sekjen) of the … Read more

KPK Responds to Democrats’ Accusations of Pressing Opposition When Calling Andi Arief

Jakarta – Democratic Party officials Kamhar Lakumani accused the KPK of summoning his party partner Andi Arief as an extension of the government against opposition groups. In response to that, NCP start talking. Acting KPK spokesman Ali Fikri strongly denied Kamhar Lakumani’s accusations. Ali Fikri emphasized that the KPK does not discriminate in the law … Read more

Andi Arief Police After Sentil Hasto PDIP in Wadas Village’s Tweet

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — DPP Democrat Party Leader, Andi Arief reported to the Central Jakarta Metro Police the aftermath of his tweet on Twitter which alluded to the name of the PDIP Secretary General, Hasto Kristiyanto related to the conflict in Wadas Village. The report against Andi was filed by the Legal Aid and People’s … Read more

Please Explain Andesite Miners in Wadas

Jakarta – Head of Bappilu Party Democrat Andi Arief mentions the name of the Secretary General of PDIP Hasto Kristiyanto The andesite mining issue is related to land conflicts in Wadas Village, Purworejo, Central Java. Deputy for Bappilu for the Democratic Party, Kamhar Lakumani, confirmed that Andi Arief had a strong argument. “Of course, what … Read more

Yusril Rachland and Andi Arief’s Response: Street People Talk

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The legal power of four former cadres Democratic party close to Moeldoko, Yusril Ihza Mahendra, confused to get comments about the AD/ART lawsuit from Rachland Nasidik and Andi Arief, not party law experts. According to him, the two people talk like street people. “The one who spoke was Rachland Nashidik. What … Read more