Baerbock meme: Green MPs from Cologne are calling for more decency from the CDU / CSU in the election campaign / Politics Germany / Politics news / /

Politics News Politics Germany Screenshots of Katharina Dröge’s Twitter account and the meme about Annalena Baerbock that she complained about. | Photo: screenshot / montage Cologne | There is a meme on Twitter that Annalena Baerbock shows with the hashtag “#verdienenwiebaerbock” and that was shared by the “Christian Social Union”. In addition, a thought bubble […]

Observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution: Only a hard core is committed to the Corona rebels Düsseldorf / News / Düsseldorf /

A “big demo” on Saturday (May 8th) in Düsseldorf has been advertised on social networks for days. According to the flyer, the organizer was the group “Active against police violence”. On closer inspection, the suspicion of a connection to the lateral thinker scene is close. The promised support of the group “Veterans for Law and […]

infections and deaths – Telemundo Phoenix / Tucson

WASHINGTON – The United States has just surpassed 30 million coronavirus infections, which would place it as the first country in the world to reach this figure. Since the pandemic began, a total of 30,002,068 COVID-19 infections and 545,632 deaths have been recorded in the US, according to the independent count by NBC News. President […]