T-Mobile and O2 are following Vodafone and today they are shutting down the 3G network, replacing it with LTE and 5G

The domestic T-Mobile is also switching off the 3G network. The deactivation started already during October and on November 30 there should be a complete shutdown all over the Czech Republic. The operator put into operation page, where users can check if their phone doesn’t only support 3G and if it won’t be necessary to replace it.

Vodafone also switched off the 3G network, and finally made at the end of March. Less than one percent of customers used the technology at the time. The frequency of 2100 MHz has been released for Vodafone for use in LTE and 5G.

O2 switches off 3G gradually. He did so in Prague in May, in the Zlín and Olomouc regions in August and in other regions on 30 November, as did T-Mobile. O2 and T-Mobile will also use the released frequencies for LTE and 5G.


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