SYRIZA – PS / Tensions and interventions shortly before Sunday

SYRIZA – PS / Tensions and interventions shortly before Sunday

The two secretaries of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance intervene and ask them to tone down and stop insults and fake news.

A little twenty-four hours before the internal party polls for the selection of the new leader of the official opposition party, the internal party polarization continues with undiminished intensity, with the two candidates continuing their interventions claiming the vote of the party members. At the same time, the two secretaries of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, with their intervention, ask for the tones to drop and the insults and fake news to stop.

Intervention of Svigos-Vassiliadis

In their announcement, the secretary of SYRIZA-P.S. Rania Svigou and the deputy secretary Giorgos Vassiliadis. The climate inside Koumoundourou is deeply polarized, with the two secretaries pointing out, among other things, that recently on social media “sexist and homophobic attacks, fake news, insults have intensified”. They note that these phenomena “have nothing to do with our space or with the tradition of the Left, the progressive space and the democratic faction”. They call for an immediate stop, while insisting that “civilized dialogue, sobriety and a sense of responsibility, as well as respect for the opposing point of view, must prevail.” We must not for a moment forget that our opponent is the ND. of Mr. Mitsotakis”.

“Don’t give up”

Stefanos Kasselakis is touring Drama and Kavala, where he will talk with members and friends of SYRIZA-P.S. ahead of Sunday’s internal party elections. Yesterday, St. Kasselakis was placed in relation to the scenarios of resignation of state parliamentarians in order, if elected president, to be sworn in as a member of parliament. Othon Iliopoulos and Elena Akrita made it clear that they are not going to resign from their parliamentary position, with the candidate for president of SYRIZA-P.S. to note that he himself does not want E. Akrita nor O. Iliopoulos nor Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis to resign. He added that what he will ask from the entire Parliamentary Group if he is elected is that they all go to society together with him.

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Ahtsioglou’s question to Kasselakis…

Efi Ahtsioglou, who participated yesterday in the strike mobilization against the Georgiadis anti-labor bill, released a new video on the topic of Greek-Turkish languages, while she invited St. Kasselakis to position himself on the issue as well as on his position on a professional army. He initially criticized Kyriakos Mitsotakis for his attitude after Erdogan’s provocative statements about the Occupied Territories, while referring to the dialogue with Turkey. “But it must be a structured dialogue, not a simple exchange of visits. In order to appeal to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for the delimitation of the continental shelf/EEZ. And with clear non-negotiable red lines. The non-demilitarization of our islands and the respect of our national sovereignty”. In this context, she invited her co-candidate to take a position on the developments, while clarifying his position on the professional army by noting the following: “What is his position on the Greek-Turkish dialogue and on the defense of the country?” Does he still believe, as he has publicly stated, in establishing a professional army? Because this, you know, drastically changes the data in the security of the country. This means that our poorest young people will serve professionally, while the wealthiest will be exempt.”

…and answer Kasselakis

St. asked to lower the tone. Kasselakis after his speech in Egaleo, while he argued that the next day SYRIZA-P.S. it must act with unity, organization and prudence. He described as unacceptable the attitude of K. Mitsotakis not to respond directly to Erdogan after his statements about the pseudo-state at the UN. He said that Greece would protect its sovereign rights, while he insisted on his position on a professional army. In particular, he emphasized that his goal is for the first line of the army to consist of well-paid professionals and for the second line to provide social service for both boys and girls, stating among other things that it is not possible for a young person to lose nine months of his life of.

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Kretsu’s reaction to Pappa’s statements

In the meantime, the reaction of Lefteris Kretsos, former Deputy Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information, was caused by the statements of the party MP Petros Pappas about the television licenses. Speaking to Kontra, P. Pappas characterized the four TV licenses as wrong, made a scathing comment on the Florence Institute and said that SYRIZA turned the people who work at the channels against him.

The event caused the strong reaction of L. Kretsos, who wrote the following on Twitter: “What comment to make here about the “comrade”? Irrelevance? Intemperance: Crap and a wink at the oligarchs? Didn’t he mean it? All together; Let’s get serious, because there will be many invalids with the name Tsipras at the ballot box.”

“Then, Petros Pappas made a new statement stating the following: In my interview with KONTRA yesterday, on Natassa Yamali’s show, I referred to the management of the issue of television licenses by the SYRIZA-PS Government.

I consider it self-evident that the great effort made by Nikos Pappa to regulate the radio and television landscape was aimed at defending the public interest and securing revenue for the Greek State.

The unfair attack he received and is receiving for this enormous effort finds us all completely opposite. Nikos Pappas is an example of a politician who walks with ethics and purity and it is a great honor to be associated with him.

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