Suzhou: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation in China’s Manufacturing Powerhouse

Suzhou: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation in China’s Manufacturing Powerhouse

Suzhou city in eastern China’s Jiangsu province. There is a perfect blend of ancient tradition and modernity. This city is therefore not only a city of history and culture. It is also the manufacturing powerhouse of the Yangtze River Delta.

Suzhou is now home to the first and only city-level national historical and cultural protected area in China. It is stepping up its efforts to create a globally influential industrial innovation hub.

— Transforming innovation by upgrading the industry

Not long ago Suzhou Historical and Cultural Protection Area in Gusu District has announced an action plan for the industrial development of the protected area and Gusu District (2023-2025), which A “1+2” ​​industrial system is proposed, aiming to strengthen pillar industries that integrate culture, trade and tourism. as well as developing two emerging industries: digital creativity and high-tech services.

Since the beginning of 2023, Gusu District has redoubled its efforts to promote the integration of culture, trade and tourism. It focuses on new business models such as the hotel industry and creative culture, etc.

— Revitalize the ancient city by growing new businesses.

The opening of Xujiang Paradise Walk, the restoration of Suzhou Tower, and the upcoming opening of several large commercial complexes, including Renhengcang Street. ) and Gemdale Plaza all help promote the ancient Gusu area to be lively.

Gusu District combines the roles of a tourist attraction and a commercial district. The transportation network has been improved. facilities and systematic commercial city planning

— Unlocking the potential of urban areas Open arms to new developments

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To preserve ancient buildings and old houses so that they can be used. Gusu District has therefore announced the “One House, One Policy” strategy, an initiative to preserve and revitalize the ancient city. It has launched 26 specific projects and signed agreements with 12 organizations.

Since the beginning of this year A total of 13 sites have been deployed in Gusu District. Covers an area of ​​209,000 square meters.

“We want to promote Suzhou’s wisdom as a model for preserving ancient cities around the world. We strongly believe that utilization is the best way to preserve. We will develop our long-standing city. and preserve the city forever,” said Fang Wenbang, head of Gusu District and permanent member of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee.

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