Surviving relatives ‘Quartet Murder’ Enschede: ‘These murderous barbarians deserve the bullet’ | Inland

Court reporter Saskia Belleman reports via Twitter. Follow her posts at the bottom of this article.

“I have lost the most important man in my life,” said the son of the shot victim Max Klaassen (62) from Arnhem. Klaassen was in the grow shop at the time of the murders to deliver his merchandise. “I don’t understand how people go out and kill innocent people,” said his son. “Life has become survival. I now drive more than two hours to work from Enschede every day, because I can no longer live there. On the way I think about what happened. Not five minutes pass without being reminded. ”

Max Klaassen’s widow also addressed the suspects. Max has fallen victim to a conflict in which he was not involved at all. You chose pure self-interest with all its irreversible consequences, ”she said. She blames the suspects even more for invoking their right to remain silent, leaving the relatives with many unanswered questions and disappointment at every court session. “I have had a twist in my stomach for 673 days. Every night I can’t get to sleep because of grief, anger and worry. ” Her youngest son, who is physically handicapped, spoke via audio connection. He, like his mother and brother, stressed that “only the greatest possible punishment is obvious to give a sense of justice.”

The suspects Camil A (59) and his sons Dejan (33) and Denis responded briefly to the victim statements. “I sympathize with their pain,” said Camil A. “But I and my children have absolutely nothing to do with this case. I understand their pain and sorrow, but as long as the real truth does not emerge, they must be patient. ” His son Denis added: “We are totally innocent, hopefully the truth will be revealed.”

The father of the victim Maijkel Akfidan from Hengelo pleaded for life imprisonment: “No punishment helps us, but a low punishment will increase our pain. These murderous barbarians deserve the bullet they fired themselves. The death penalty cannot be imposed here, so I ask you to impose a life sentence. ”

Court reporter Saskia Belleman reports via Twitter.

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