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In the UK, Moke International has revived the legendary Mini Moke SUV, a civilian version of which was first released in January 1964, at the British Motor Corporation Longbridge plant in Birmingham. The retro car will be released in a limited edition, which has only 56 copies. As reported CoachThose wishing to purchase a car will have to pay a minimum of £ 20,000 (RUB 1,939,410).

The revived SUV retained the original chassis, but had to be reinforced with high-strength steel. Also, British engineers have modernized the braking system of the car. The front-wheel drive car received a new 1.1-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. The power of the unit is 66 horsepower.

The engine can now work in conjunction with a four-speed “automatic”. An SUV with a manual transmission is also available. The maximum speed of the revived Mini Moke is 110 km per hour.

In total, customers are offered 14 body paint options. The SUV is equipped with a chrome grille, round headlights, special nameplates, and 13-inch wheels. A USB connector, a radio and new seats with waterproof upholstery appeared in the car’s interior. The car is also equipped with a power steering and heated windshield.

The original Mini Moke was powered by an 848cc 34hp engine capable of 105 km / h, a four-speed gearbox, front-wheel drive and small 10-inch wheels, and the only colorway was the signature British spruce green “.

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