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Survival Test on the Moon: Items Ranked by Importance for Successful Landing

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Survival test at moon by NASA has been developed by a University of Texas professor. This test is done to test our skills and abilities while on the moon.

When given a challenge in the test, you have to imagine yourself as part of a spaceship crew ready to take off to the moon. However, problems arose when technical problems forced an emergency landing that was more than 160 kilometers from the original location.

Unfortunately, this catastrophe caused the spacecraft’s supplies to run out, and now it’s up to the team to decide which item will ensure a successful moon landing, even on foot.

In the test, it was revealed that to live on the moon, at least about a few types of items might be carried and the options include a box of matches, food concentrate, nylon rope, parachute, portable heating unit, two oxygen tanks, Stellar Map (moon constellation) , an emergency lifeboat, a magnetic compass, five gallons of water, a beacon, a first aid kit filled with syringes, to a solar-powered FM transmitter and receiver.

The test is conducted by ranking the items on a scale of 1-15, with one given to the most important object and 15 to the least important.

This task, which is often used by employers, was developed from social psychology research, with the aim of making team building exercises more fun.

Jay Hall is the figure behind it all. In the 1970s, he was a social psychology lecturer studying the confusion, frustration, and timeouts that HR often finds at the root of group work in the office. This test aims to reduce the problem.

This test is also claimed to encourage group decision making and measure team effectiveness. The answers to the questions above are:

• A box of matches – 15

• Food concentrates – 4

• 50 feet of nylon rope – 6

• Parachute silk – 8

• Portable heating unit – 13

• Two 45 – 11 caliber pistols

• One box of dehydrated pet milk – 12

• Two oxygen tanks weighing 90 kilograms – 1

• Star map (moon constellation) – 3

• Lifeboat – 9

• Magnetic compass – 14

• Five gallons of water – 2

• Signal flares – 10

• First aid kit containing syringe – 7

• Solar powered FM receiver – 5

NASA says carrying a box of matches is almost pointless, as there is no oxygen on the moon to sustain combustion.

However, they ranked the food concentrate at fourth, describing it as an efficient means of supplying energy needs.

Parachute silk only ranks eighth, as it will provide protection from the sun. Two .45 caliber pistols are also useless in the eyes of NASA, which calls this a self-propelled device.

Unsurprisingly, oxygen appears at the very top. This is the most urgent and grave survival need, because the Moon’s gravity is only one-sixth of Earth’s. Each tank only weighed about 8 kilograms on the moon.

If you thought you were smart by rating the magnetic compass highly, you are not. The magnetic field on the moon is not polarized, so it is of no use for navigation.

Then 20 liters of water is also very good to carry, as it is needed to replace the tremendous fluid loss on the ‘bright side’. While a less useful item is a signal flare, it is used as a distress signal when an aircraft carrier is sighted.

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