Supercar Alfa Romeo sold out long before the official premiere


February 27, 2023 at 04:55 pm

Photo: Alex Imnadze | Render of the upcoming Alfa Romeo 6C supercar from the artist

Alfa Romeo did not wait for the approval of the Stellantis concern and opened pre-orders for a model that has not yet been presented. The new supercar will greatly influence the development of the brand.

Alfa Romeo has yet to confirm the arrival of the new supercar, but the model is almost completely sold out. It is known that the car will be the successor to the iconic 8C Competizione. About it reported on the Carbuzz website.

The head of Alfa Romeo, Jean-Philippe Imparato, shared that the future Alfa Romeo supercar is almost sold out. Interestingly, the model was not even announced.

The Stellantis concern has not yet officially approved the project, but Alfa Romeo has begun accepting deposits from customers. The new supercar will most likely be called the 6C.

Imparato said the new model will “contribute to the DNA” of the Alfa Romeo brand. This means that the design of the company’s future vehicles will be inspired by the upcoming supercar.

Alfa Romeo 6C design may be inspired by the brand’s classic models


According to rumors, the Alfa Romeo 6C will receive a V6 engine, which will be supplemented by an electric motor. The total power of the power plant can exceed 600 hp.

The head of Alfa Romeo stressed that the new supercar will not be focused solely on the track. The model will become moderately comfortable for everyday driving.

Imparato also said that the Alfa Romeo 6C will be released in a limited edition. Therefore, the supercar can become one of the most expensive models of the brand.

Previously Focus wrote that Alfa Romeo has updated the Giulia sedan and the Stelvio crossover.

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