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Available free-to-start on Nintendo Switch since September 5, Super Kirby Clash is a great success. Indeed, Nintendo Hong Kong has just revealed the number of times that the title has been downloaded and it has attracted more than four million players in just three months.

Nintendo Hong Kong reminds us at the same time that the Gems, the currency of the game of Super Kirby Clash is currently benefiting from a 30% reduction. A news which highlights the free-to-start aspect of the game. The name free-to-start designates above all a game offered for free, but which has a strong presence of microtransactions. In the cooperative game Super Kirby Clash playable up to four online and locally, this currency allows you to obtain equipment, unlock quests or restore your stamina more quickly. An aggressive system which did not prevent the title from reaching a large audience.

video">Super Kirby Clash shows herself on video

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