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Supalai Announces Record-Breaking Operating Results for 2023 and Ambitious Plans for 2024

“Supalai” shows operating results for 2023, total income of 31,818 million baht, net profit soars to 5,989 million baht and sales of 28,864 million baht, reinforcing its financial strength, hinting that in 2024 it will prepare to transfer ownership of completed condominiums, ready to move into another 5 projects worth More than 16,000 million baht Ready to break every record since the company was founded Ready to announce the move to penetrate the real estate market, both horizontal and condominiums, in the Year of the Dragon. Launched a maximum of 42 projects with a total value of 50,000 million baht.

Mr. Tritecha Tangmatitham, Managing Director of Supalai Public Company Limited, said that 2023 marks another year that the company Move forward steadily amidst challenges One of the success factors comes from strong financial potential and low debt burden. Therefore, new projects can be launched in each province with a variety of products based on the same standards and quality throughout the country. Making it possible to answer the needs of every target group In addition, there are better signs of recovery in the condominium market.

Although the top segment is beginning to slow down But there is a demand for housing in the middle-class segment to be filled. As a result, demand responded to both horizontal and condominium projects, generating total income in 2023 of 31,818 million baht, divided into income from transfer of real estate ownership of 30,836 million baht, horizontal projects 66%, condos 34%, resulting in the past year The company has a total net profit of 5,989 million baht and makes the net interest-bearing debt to shareholders’ equity ratio at only 44%.

In addition, the company which has always received good confidence from customers As a result, sales of new projects, both horizontal and condominiums, totaled 28,864 million baht, which was divided into sales of newly opened and completed condominiums, 9,207 million baht, accounting for 32%, and sales of products in the low-rise product group, 19,657 million baht, calculated is 68%

From the turnover of sales Such income and profits Board of Directors meeting It was resolved to approve the payment of dividends for the fiscal year 2023 operating results to shareholders. At the rate of 1.45 baht per share, interim dividends have been paid at the rate of 0.70 baht per share, remaining dividends will be paid for the second 6 months of 2023 at the rate of 0.75 baht per share, with the date on which dividends will not be received (XD) 7 Nov. 67 and dividends will be paid on 21 May 2024.

For 2024, the company is committed to operating its business to grow steadily with strong financial potential. It aims to break its own record with the largest number of project launches, 42 projects with a total value of 50,000 million baht, covering as many as 29 provinces nationwide. In the first quarter, there are plans to launch a total of 14 horizontal projects with a total value of 14,990 million baht, including factors supporting the transfer of condominium ownership. Completed and ready to move in during the 1st-3rd quarter, 5 projects: Supalai Icon Sathorn, Supalai Premier Samsen-Ratchawat, Supalai Loft Phasi Charoen Station, City Home Sanambinnam-Rattanathibet and City Home Rayong, value More than 16 billion baht, which will be able to gradually recognize income to support this year’s performance.

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