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Introducing Guitar Life – A New Way to Learn to Play Guitar with Nintendo Switch

What if you want to play an instrument beautifully, but don’t have a good place to learn? Now the day has come to learn with Nintendo Switch.

The video for the new Nintendo Switch game ‘Guitar Life’ was first released through the online showcase Nintendo Direct on the 21st. The game is a game that allows you to learn how to play the guitar through realistic playing using a special device made just for the game.

The place where the game was created is Hori. Hori is famous as a company that provides peripherals for the three major console gaming platforms, including ancient master controllers, fighting pads, and game controllers with various additional functions. As such, the dedicated device released along with this Guitar Life contains many systems that allow you to play guitar without strings.

Unlike other games that are classified as rhythm action, such as ‘Guitar Hero’, the ‘Guitar Life’ device has six string buttons that resemble a real guitar. Although it does not contain actual strings that produce sound, each string is made long enough to pick up a chord. A 6-string string button is also implemented where the right hand is located, allowing you to actually pick up the pick and make strokes.

It is played in the same way as a real guitar, just without the strings. In addition, a video showed the player playing right away by attaching the right Joy-Con to the appropriate location without having to connect it to the Nintendo Switch by wire.

As the subtitle Lesson 1 suggests, this title was created to help beginners learn the basics of guitar. The fingering of each chord is guided one by one, and the player continues playing by slowly pointing out the chords and stroking them. You can start with simple music and progress to more complex pieces. Conversely, you can also select the parts that are lacking and adjust the tempo.

‘Guitar Life -Lesson 1-‘ will begin selling including a dedicated device in the spring of 2024 for 12,980 yen (about 115,000 won in Korean currency).

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