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Summary of your game review Life is Strange: True Colors

The first reviews of the expected story adventure Life is Strange: True Colors by Deck Nine were published today. As usual, we therefore immediately bring you a summary of reviews from foreign journalists.

You can look forward to our review in the near future.


Life is Strange: True Colors is an unforgettable adventure offering several meaningful messages.

95 %


The new Life is Strange takes place in an idyllic town surrounded by beautiful nature – in fact, from the beginning it may seem to you that it will be a kind of peaceful escape from reality. But that is not entirely true. The game unobtrusively, but very effectively projects its characters and difficult topics on the player. It is the emphasis on the importance of empathy, and the adventure that ultimately pinned me to the game from start to finish.

95 %

PC Gamer

The visually beautiful and emotionally charged novelty is an amazing sequel to the Life is Strange series.

92 %

God is a Geek

Life is Strange: True Colors offers a powerful story of loss, love and overcoming problems. Empathy abilities add depth to the game, and Alex is one of the best characters the Life is Strange series has ever offered.

90 %


The story is not completely finished, but it is a beautiful game – not only because of its appearance and sound or likeable characters, but also because of its message and its presentation.

80 %

Windows Central

Some of the opening chapters of Life is Strange: True Colors are weaker, but fortunately the game replaces it with strong characters and a fun LARP that diversifies the gameplay. Although the novelty does not reach the story level of the original game, it is still worth playingí.

80 %

IGN Italy

Deck Nine Games took over the series perfectly from the Dondnod studio, where the story formula was retained and the technical side of the game was improved. In addition, here your decisions here have a significant impact on the development of the story. It’s a great game.

80 %


True Colors is not trying to reinvent the wheel, so if you liked previous episodes of the series, you will enjoy this emotional journey as well.

75 %

The game will be released this Friday on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, on Nintendo Switch will be released later. You can pre-order it in the store Xzone.

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