So that you don’t get confused, this is an explanation of the temporary WhatsApp message feature

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. WhatsApp has arrived with a cool, sophisticated feature that can delete messages after 7 days. This feature is called sebgai disappearing message or a temporary message. What’s the temporary message feature like on WhatsApp? Here’s the explanation.

As one of the popular messaging applications, WhatsApp has recently arrived with several new features.

Previously WhatsApp has got a feature where user can mute forever the contact or the group. Well, recently the arrival of a new feature called disappearing message or a temporary message.

Not long ago there was also news that WhatsApp would get a temporary message feature. Assuring this, WhatsApp officially has the arrival of a feature called temporary messages.

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Then what is it like and what is the function of this temporary message feature?

As stated by WhatsApp via their official blog, they consider that not all messages need to be stored forever.

In this case, maybe you and the people closest to you have sweet memories, but on the other hand there are also things you don’t need to remember. But the message continues to be stored and you indirectly return to remember those moments.

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From there WhatsApp departed to implement this temporary message feature. “While it’s great fun to be able to keep memories of friends and family, some messages that are sent don’t need to be stored forever.” Said WhatsApp on its official blog.

“Our goal is to make the conversation on WhatsApp feel like chatting in person, which means the conversation doesn’t have to be always available”. He added.

On the other hand, this feature is also useful when you want to send a truly private message. This means that only your closest friends will know, because the message will disappear after 7 days. So if someone else checks your friend’s WhatsApp after 7 days, the message will disappear.

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Simply put, the temporary message feature on WhatsApp aims to maximize the privacy of its users. This feature can be used for individual or group chats. However, to activate temporary messages in the WhatsApp group you must first seek Admin approval.

If the Admin has agreed that the feature is turned on, then the temporary message will be active in the group. Unlike the individual chats, you can activate them right away.

According to WhatsApp, this feature will launch this month for all users. So, wait a little, guys, wait for the WhatsApp update to appear on the Appstore or Playstore.




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