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shocked audience, shoes? Not really – Libero Quotidiano

White t-shirt and black pants, casual clothing, perhaps too much: Francesco Rutelli, president of the National Association of Audiovisual and Multimedia Film Industries (Anica), attended a press conference in Venice on the occasion of the Film Festival. And it was mainly his shoes that were striking, or rather her black flip flops. A rather bizarre look, which surprised the audience.

Beyond clothing, however, Rutelli spoke mainly of the Italian film industry, praising it for the work done even during the Covid pandemic. “While Hollywood and other parts of the world did not work, in Italy instead the productions went on thanks to the help of companies, workers, trade unions and all the talents who have accepted very restrictive and severe protocols “.

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Hard work is showing itself right now in Venice. In this regard, Rutelli explained: “Now all the fruit of this work comes to light, or rather, in the darkness of the room. fervor in our rooms, where the use of the cinema is the main one, unmissable. “Finally, on returning to the theater at 100%, he said:” It will be gradual, it is useless to set a deadline or an abstract goal. Already now, in a usually depressing month like July, 2 million Italians went to the cinema“.

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