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Sultry! J Balvin is caught urinating on the streets of New York

J Balvin (Photo: J Balvin – Instagram)

The Colombian interpreter of urban genre, José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, better known as J Balvin, was caught when he urinated in a public place and outdoors in New York.

In the video clip that was exposed in the transmission of The fat and the skinny, you can see the singer from behind between two blocks of stacked containers, caught by a friend who recorded the “funny” moment. Although the exact place where it happened is not specified, it is believed that it was in the streets of New York, since recently the reggaeton was recording his latest single there.

“Let me pee in peace. Put it on Instagram, a liter of water ”, said in the video, the interpreter of I am worse.

The opinions of the people who follow El Gordo and La Flaca were quite diverse because while some of his followers criticized an alleged violation of the singer’s privacy, others found it embarrassing and criticized the behavior of J Balvin.

The truth is that the controversial episode went viral at the same time as the premiere of the official video of What More Well ?, a collaboration he made with Maria Becerra, an Argentine singer.

The singer announced that this video clip was already available on his YouTube channel, a platform on which he has accumulated 592,906 views so far. Through Twitter, this singer received multiple criticisms because he has not commented on the wave of violence that is hitting Colombia, some people considered that he should report on the political situation in his country.

On the other hand, on YouTube he received positive comments such as “J Balvin helping new talents. Let the new ones of the genre continue to emerge from the hand of those who are already world famous ”.

The contents published from his Instagram account of the future father were recorded in the streets and the New York Subway (United States), where the Colombian left his best gifts.

According to a report published by the music platform Spotify, both J Balvin and Karol G are on the list of those who listen the most to young people in the world.

And it is that the urban artist has been very happy lately, because a few days ago he surprised all his followers, dancing Billie Jean, the iconic song of the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson in the same way that the American musician did.

The video of this dance was uploaded by J Balvin himself on social networks, where you can see his ability to do the traditional ‘moonwalk’, a dance step that was popularized by Michael Jackson during the presentation of Billie Jean at Motown 25: Yesterday , Today, Forever in 1983.

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