[Street] In New York, seized motorcycles are destroyed… by a bulldozer!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams took office on January 1 this year and is also working hard through media operations to restore order to the metropolis. For example, he waved the checkered flag as a bulldozer crushed 90 seized motorcycles and ATVs, in what is becoming an annual tradition, proof that the city is running out of ideas to counter wild rodeos.

On Tuesday, New York Mayor Eric Adams stood at a podium and said: “As we stand in the shadow of the Freedom Tower, we free ourselves from these destructive machines that are on our streets. They will be crushed today so they can never terrorize our city again. »

The seizure of illegal motorcycles has increased significantly this year in New York, precisely because of the security boost wanted by the new mayor. According to Police Department Commissioner Keechant Sewell, 2,000 motorcycles and quads have already been seized, up 80% from the same time last year.

Mayor Eric Adams said the decision was made to destroy rather than sell or donate these vehicles out of a desire to permanently remove them from the streets. “This is reckless and illegal behavior. It puts everyone at risk: other drivers, pedestrians and motorcyclists themselves.

“They are not only a nuisance, but they are extremely dangerous. We know it: we always see them and we hear them every night. We see the large number of this phenomenon and we want to be clear that this is not acceptable”.

The vehicles were seized because they were not in order, largely because they were not insured, or because they did not respect traffic rules – for example by not being homologated.

If this clip causes a sense of deja vu, it’s for good reason: New York City mayors have been rehearsing this spectacle for more than five years now, with bulldozers, checkered flags and big bangs. of how.

Indeed, the last six years have been any indication, the seizure and crushing of motorcycles is little more than an unnecessary publicity stunt. The NYPD has been doing this for years, but the problem persists, in the same way drug and gun seizures have been proven to not hinder drug use or violent crime, because it is easy to get more.

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