stopped inside with drugs in the blood

Traffic control

From Anna Siebenhaar

The police checked several road users in Wiesbaden on Tuesday. Some controlled people were under the influence of drugs.

07.04.2021 17:20


The regional traffic service Wiesbaden carried out a traffic control at the park-an-ride car park Kahle-Mühle on Tuesday. The officers not only found four cases of expiry of the operating license, but also stopped several drivers who were under the influence of drugs.

Consequences follow

For the intoxicated drivers, the journey ended prematurely. They had to accompany the officers to the police station to have blood drawn. They were allowed to walk again after taking their blood and filing the criminal charges.

The expiry of the operating permit results in reports of administrative offenses for the four drivers caught. The controlled were allowed to continue, however, because the defects were assessed as such without any significant impairment of road safety. The vehicles must now be repaired and presented to the police again.

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