Influencer shows her drooping eyelid

Influencer Whitney Buha has been struggling with a drooping eyelid since a botox accident and shows it on Instagram.

Few would publicly admit botox treatment. The influencer Whitney Buha from Chicago, however, had a hard time hiding the procedure:

The botox was mistakenly injected into an inconvenient place near Whitney’s eyes, which had serious consequences: While the neurotoxin paralyzed one muscle so that one eyelid is now drooping, the other eye is wide open – the imbalance cannot be overlooked.

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The influencer could not hide the result of the intervention from her Instagram community either. So Whitney decided to be open about it and raise awareness of the risks of cosmetic surgery.

It has been three weeks since the botox treatment was carried out. “I’m so embarrassed and I really didn’t want to show it, but everyone asked because many didn’t know that it could happen,” explains the influencer in the Instagram stories that were saved as highlights. “I didn’t know myself!”

Ptosis – drooping eyelid after botox treatment

The community wanted to know more about it, of course. Whitney decided to tell the full story. As the influencer explains, she was not entirely satisfied with the result of her previous Botox treatments.

The left eyebrow would not have been on the same level as the right, which is why she wanted to be given four more units. “And then it happened,” explains the blogger.

Since then, she has been sharing her recovery on Instagram and documenting the drooping lid on a daily basis. She is now there even tips how to speed up the healing process in ptosis. In addition to warm compresses and eye drops, the influencer swears by vibration treatments and acupuncture.

She also speaks to specialists and hopes to help her community with information on Instagram.

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