Steve Jobs’ job application will be auctioned off

An original job application written by Apple founder Steve Jobs in 1973 will be auctioned off, writes CNBC on Thursday.

The application was written by hand by Jobs after he dropped out of his studies, three years before he founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak.

So far it has come in 20 bud, where the highest bid is 35,000 dollars, equivalent to 310,000 Norwegian kroner.

PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL: Screenshot from the auction website showing the application. Photo:

Both physically and digitally

Not only will the physical version of the application be auctioned off, an NFT has also been created for sale at the same time. This is done as an experiment to see which variant has the most value, writes CNBC.

  • Non-fungible token: digital certificate of ownership associated with a digital object
  • Uses blockchain technology to ensure that the item is unique and non-pirated
  • Often associated with works of art
  • The most expensive NFT was for a work of art by a digital artist called Beeple. It was sold at auction for $ 69 million.

However, the NFT version turns out to be not as popular as the physical variant, where 11 bids have been received, with the highest bid of 0.66 ethereum, corresponding to 1,400 dollars or 12,500 Norwegian kroner.

The bidding round does not end until Wednesday 28 June, so it is still entirely possible for the driven Apple fan to get a piece of Steve Jobs’ story.

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