I don’t even deserve that: Eva Burešová spent her birthday like in a movie

Singer and actress Eva Burešová couldn’t be happier. Chef Přemek Forejt, whom she met during the filming of Your Face Has a Famous Voice, prepared a birthday party for her like from a novel. Even at the beginning of the new relationship, the series Cinderella was very careful and did not want to reveal any of her privacy unnecessarily. But now she has to be sure of her love for her new friend, because she shares other love details from the romantic evening with the fans.

“One of the most beautiful days of this year,” Eva added to the photo, in which she is sitting in a sexy mini dress in the car, holding a beautiful bouquet. She added a heart to the label and was not afraid to mark her age. Even though Eva was only twenty-eight years old, she is already one of the most popular singers and actresses. The series Slunečná, in which she portrayed the brave Týna Popelková, broke audience records and temporarily dethroned the legendary Surgery in the Rose Garden from the imaginary throne of viewership.

It wasn’t love at first sight

Before that, Burešová edited the role of a nurse in the Blue Code and drew significant attention to herself in the competition Your Face Has a Known Voice, where she last worked as a juror. It was there that fate brought her together with Přemek, whom she had not even known until then. She even later admitted that it was definitely not love on her part at first glance. When the juror of the cooking show Mastechef in the Face appeared as Justin Timberlake, it was a test of fire for him. At that time, Eva drew a heart on her colleague, which she allegedly only wanted to give him courage and courage. “But it was just support from me, because I know he was very nervous,” Eva explained for CNN Prima News.

At that time, the singer did not feel anything about Přemek yet and did not even think that there could be anything more between them “It was only then. We wrote a few times, we went to dinner a few times… And only later did I say to myself that yes, you did, “Burešová smiled as she described the beginnings of their relationship. A well-known chef who runs the famous Enterée restaurant in Olomouc, then a musical wonder. He helped to arrange a Prague apartment, for example, Eva used cut stumps to serve food, which is something like a license plate of a Moravian company.

Nevertheless, Přemek did not just score with Eva, who has performed in the musicals Dracula, Cyrano or Time of Roses, only by cooking, as it might seem at first glance. “He enchanted me with what many had no idea – his voice. Sometimes he takes the guitar and just plays something, and it’s really like thick. So he probably enchanted me more than the kitchen. So far, “Eva made herself heard for CNN Prima News some time ago. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising if Přemek showed his love a long time ago what he can do as a pro at the record. From what kind of birthday surprise he prepared for the singer, you can see that he he really likes to pamper his partner.

She thought no one liked her

First, the chef unexpectedly arrived in Brno with Eva and the whole family, where she was playing in the performance Winter’s Tale. Because the actress didn’t expect anything like that at all, Přemek really took her breath away. “My loved ones! I have no words. So many surprises awaited me yesterday that I was not ready for it at all. I have my head set on the fact that nobody actually likes me so much and that if they do, I don’t really deserve it. My heart pounded when the whole beautiful family of Forejtovice came to our performance of the Winter’s Tale. Thank you to ALL of those who came to our performance and did not forget my birthday and added gifts for Nathánek again, “the singer wrote a touching thank-you on Instagram.

The very next day, Eva showed one of the packages that Přemek apparently brought to the singer’s son Nathaniel. The attention is wrapped in wrapping paper with Star Wars motifs, so it can be assumed that it belongs to the boy whom Burešová has with the musician Michael Krásný. He left Eve and his son just eight months after his birth. The singer was then left alone to raise him and had to turn around to make a living. And when she may have thought that true love would not come, Chef Forejt appeared, with whom she is so happy. The couple ended their birthday in the luxurious Field Restaurant with Radek Kašpárek, who together with Přemek and Jan Punčochář moderated the Masterchef culinary competition.

Eva boasted about having a birthday alongside her beloved Přemek.



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