Starting November 1, 2021 Whatsapp can’t be used by 53 types of cellphones, check your cellphone included?

PR PANGARANWhatsApp is application which is often worn by the world community today.

WhatsApp are also often used to communicate with each other without having to meet.

How to download WhatsApp It’s also very easy to just download it from the Play Store or App Store.

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But start 1 November 2021 WhatsApp will not be usable by 53 types cell phone both android and iPhone.

As reported by and from Mirror there are several types of cellphones that can’t use anymore WhatsApp again.

Cell phones that can’t use WhatsApp another is that it has Android 4.0.4 specifications and IPhone with iOS 9.

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Here are some cellphones that can’t be used starting 1 November 2021 later :



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