Starfield to Allow Attack on Innocent Civilians: Controversial Content Revealed


Starfield will also allow players to attack innocent civilians, not just real enemies, according to Bethesda’s Korean ranking of the game, which from this point of view will use the approach already taken by the company for its previous RPGs.

In particular, the game will allow users to “steal items belonging to other characters and attack civilians”: this is one of the reasons why the Korean commission classified Starfield as “not suitable for teenagers.” Other reasons? Excessive violence in combat and excessive use of vulgar terms.

In addition to these warnings about “mature” content, the Korean commission also points out the use of drugs in the game that cause hallucinations or blurred vision – a feature of Starfield that the Australian commission already drew attention to a few weeks ago, while the absence of any sexual references causes astonishment.

Particularly large-scale, with a thousand visited planets, Starfield is undoubtedly a very ambitious project, and Microsoft is betting heavily on its success.

As you already know, we will be able to attend the full launch of the game during the Starfield Direct, which will be broadcast on June 11, right after the Xbox Games Showcase.

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